Neti Pot- How Sinucleanse NetiPot Works? As seen on Oprah and Dr. Oz

Neti Pot by SinuCleanse – Why NetiPots work SinuCleanse neti pot for Natural relief from cold, flu, allergies, sinusitis, and …


  1. Yeah, never use tap water without boiling and cooling it first! This reminds me of the Neosporin commercial where the genius touched the whole tube to an open cut. I would love to know who edits these commercials. It would be funny if it wasn't serious.

  2. Again a western thief , atleast tell your costumers where you get these knowledge.
    Cheap businesses
    As we are Indian still giving you free advice ,tell your costumers ( they are been cheated and not cure properly). To keep mouth open wide for breathing otherwise they will get chocked

  3. So am I understanding these comments? Use tap water, straight tap correct? And I should never boil or maybe it was pour boiling water in each nostril? Just kidding. Been wanting to try one. My allergies are kicking in and this is only like the third year I ever had em so I not used to this kinda feeling. Do they work well?

  4. you should absolutely NOT use tap water unless it is distilled or boiled for a min of 3 min and left to cool. Also should not be used for more than three weeks at a time or u risk damaging the natural mucosa layer needed to ward off infection. long term daily use is NOT recommended.

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