1. Glad I found this video I time…..I think!?!? Didnt have an infestation but definitely probs with bugs and just started 2 days ago using Cinnamon around the rim's of pots and Peppermint with water as a spray! BUT CAN I MAKE UP SOMETHING TO SPRAY ON THE ACTUAL PLANT THAT WONT HURT OR EFFECT THE LEAVES OR FLOWERS ON THEM? AND WHICH OIL THAT WOULD BE BEST TO USE??? THANKS IN ADVANCE BROTHER!!! As of now just spraying on top of soil and on and around the pots!!!👍✌

  2. are you familiar with flying skull supposed to be able to use it for mites aphids a bunch of different stuff and you're supposed to be safe to be used all the way up to the last day of flour do you know anything about it it was recommended by my grow shop I had a horrible 1/3 infestation this fall had the plant outside and took it inside and it just went crazy ended up having to cut it down

  3. What bank is the strawberry lemonade from. It looks amazing every time I see you present it in the vlogs. The buds really seem FAT. Do they fill in and dense up nice. What’s your opinion overall.

  4. Thankyou……first grow in 37 years…..got spider mites…..using your advice…thinking about essential oils as a help….a diffuser….I read sandlewood and tea tree oil were good……

  5. I have been using against spider mites a mix of chilli oil garlic oil and pyrethrin oil it is an off the shelf type but considered natural bug killer , have done it many times get wrinkles in the leaves but bug free and the new leaves grow out nicely . I will run a video but I am only coming up to 5 week mark and 1 week mark only running two plants till I am sure I have got my room back under control . Have a awesome day guys and girls .

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