Nancy Grace vs. 2 Chainz On Marijuana Legalization

“Rapper 2 Chainz stopped by Nancy Grace to discuss marijuana legalization with the television host. He’s for it; she’s against it. 2 Chainz tries to make a few …


  1. Omg, this video is a few years old but I just found it somehow. Ana’s impression of Nancy Grace had me cracking up because it’s so spot on!! (Thank you Ana, it totally made my day. ) 2 Chainz is intelligent and ripped Nancy to shreds, which Nancy wasn’t expecting! Ha! Also my dad smoked weed all the time my whole life, and I turned out just fine. He always did it away from me and obviously never let us have any as kids. Im not saying it’s 100% harmless but there are way heavier drugs out there that we should focus on, not pot. Nancy Grace is a joke.

    Also I agree with Ana’s comment about Nancy inciting danger by constantly deeming people guilty before they’ve even had a chance to stand trial. Just look at her coverage of the Duke lacrosse case, one of many examples.

  2. Thank you Young Turks thank you for the great message about cannabis. I seen this episode and couldn't help but laugh at her ridiculous arguments about "The Pot". If this government hadn't lied about the dangers of cannabis we wouldn't be having this conversation. The governments cannabinoid patents show they know of the medical benefits of cannabis. I was talking to one of my son's friends and he was talking how the D.A.R.E. officer told the kids if you smoke marijuana you will die!!!! Didn't they try this line in the 30's with the marihuana danger campaign. The government claimed "The official truth If you smoke it you will die". When this did work they came up with "The new official truth if you smoke it you will go INSANE". Now 70 years later we are still fighting the government to declassify cannabis where it belongs. No one should go to jail or get a record due to this safe herb. Nancy Grace is an idiot, but she was okay with the fact the thug Mike Brown was gunned down.

  3. I personally didn't think 2 chainz did an amazing job in destroying Nancy Grace (he still did an ok job though). I know some people who would DECAPITATE THAT DUMBASS BITCH like T.I., Joe Rogan, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre Jay Z, Nas, J. Cole, hell I bet even someone like Charlamagne that God would destroy her bitchass. Even some "stupid gangster rappers" like Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, and Rich Homie Quan would Ether that bitch. Just imagine if that was Kanye West…

  4. Marijuana Kills 0 people out of 330,000,000 Americans , Cocaine and Heroin combined 13,000 a year ! Death from prescription drugs 23,000 a year!!! Diabetes Kills 234,051 a year in America alone Holy crap ! !!!!   Sugar by far is the deadliest drug in the world,,,and you give it to your children, Its even in baby formula !

  5. Thank you Cenk. You are a respected and credible member of the news community and you openly admitted to smoking cannabis. You didn't showboat about it or make a huge fuss (just as it should be). We need Ana and Cenk in the white house. Prez / VP

  6. "what if the children got a hold of the hairspray and haaaaawww" haha I bout died laughing "gasp" oh no people have literally died from laughing what if "the children", laugh to hard lets make it illegal to laugh.

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