My cannabis oil cartridge is not hitting. Fixed!

Is your pen / heavy hitters oil cartridge not working? Here’s one reason your pen might not be hitting. Mary Jane was sick today so our friend Seas covered how …


  1. I don’t smoke but my girl does and her last cartridge wasn’t giving her smoke she kept saying it taste like burnt filter which I could smell. She’s frustrated cause she just wanna puff and relax after a long days work but it just wasn’t working! So I came on YouTube to find a video so I could try and fix it for her. She threw me her vape pen and said here babe! Have a go at it I’m gonna run to the store real quick and she left. After watching couple vids I came across this vid and the issue about the air bubbles in the glass on the bottom part is exactly how my girls vape pen is. So I did as the video showed and sure enough that air bubble rosed to the top. Now like I said I don’t smoke at all. So I pressed the button and I don’t know why but I just thought I try and see if it would give smoke cause earlier it wasn’t when my girl was hitting it. So I inhaled to see thinking it wasn’t gonna work and low and behold I got a huge hit which made me cough my guts out! And now I’m totally fricken stoned off of my ass! LOL…. 😂 holy shit! I am totally twisted! She’s gonna be teasing and messing with me when she gets back I know it! Fuck I can’t stop laughing! 🤪😂🤪😂

  2. This worked for me. Randomly my pen stopped hitting there was no suction at all and the light wouldn’t turn on. I thought it was dead so I charged it but it still wouldn’t work. I used the lighter just slightly and careful warmed it up all around and 20 seconds later I tried to hit my pen and it worked 🤑thank you

  3. Just hold the cartridge under your arm pit for a couple minutes. Put it right in the crease of your arm on the outside of your shirt. I just did it and it works perfectly now! Your armpit is the warmest place on your body.

  4. I can't get my plastic seal out its stuck and i tried getting it out with tweezers and pushed it down deeper lol…..i obviously leave my pen upright but how can i get out the seal or will it effect the way it hits if i don't get it out

  5. heat it closer to the mouthpiece and do it slower or you might flood your cart, mine held quite a bit of heat before going and I guarantee it would be flooded had I heated the bottom of the cart that much.

  6. OMG U GUYS… Ok so my cartridge just stopped hitting out of nowhere. I was sooo sad bc it was my only 80% I have at the moment, didn't want to smoke my 76% just yet. Anyway, my hubby was like "lemme see it" and he was looking at the screw-off side of the cartridge, not the mouthpiece but the other side. Then he asked to see another cartridge that was empty… He noticed the lil "screwhead" was pushed down in there compared to the other one. So he took a screwdriver and kinda popped it up a lil more to make contact w/ the battery. IT FREAKING WORKS PERFECTLY NOW! Try this if u don't notice any bubbles or anything else that could be hindering ur draw. Hope this helps!

  7. idk what the fuck this guy did, but my cartridge doesnt look like that at all. we got different materials obviously lol my shit has no airflow when its connected to the battery. it heats up, but doesnt "pull" when i try and hit it. shits fucken annoying and a waste of 35 dollars

  8. For me all i did was pull the bottom connector out a little on the cartridge to get it to touch. Be careful though pulling on the connector, it can come out and fuck your cart up to no return.

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