1. I want to point out, that the catching was pretty much on par for each. I just got lucky and caught one more throw with shrooms. And also, the dancing was awful on both. The only reason shrooms got the win, is because I actually put some effort in. And finally, the only reason I didn't look sober on cannabis is because I was on the verge of puking.

    Why did shrooms win? Simply put, I felt more affected by the weed edible. Which I think on its own, is a fantastic lesson for people! Be careful with edibles! You can get WAAAAY higher than you anticipated if you are not very careful.

  2. On the edible you look just like me after taking my first dab I instantly was overwhelmed by the high and began to panic thinking I was going to die then I threw up too but for me it was like 5 times lmao

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