1. Doc Boster. PLEASE make a 5 min video that i can have people watch that gives an overview of MS so i can stop explaining it 5 times a day! Fatigue and how one day is good and one is not would be awesome!

  2. What are your opinions on the importance of Uric acid in MS? Mine has been consistently low and progressed recently to undetectable levels despite “stable MS” on MRI. I’m also curious if worsening complex/atypical migraine has any relation to MS or if I’m just the unluckiest person on the planet.

  3. Hey Dr! Awesome video as always!
    I’ve heard you mention a few times that remylination therapy is a few years out. Are there any drugs being tested now or is research close to starting any clinical trials?

  4. Greetings Dr Boster. I'm watching from Texas. I have been diagonosed with MS for around 10 years, but some symptoms predate that. My thoughts are that MS has different causes like envrioment, runs in family being two main ones. I could be wrong but it seems the research lumps it in one cause thus preventing good solid drug choices that hit the cause, and that's why some drugs work better with some people and not on others. I can't be the first one to think this. I don't see all the research, or all the data that gets shared, nor would I understand it if I did. I tried to keep the question simple, hopefully the answer is fairly easy. The drugs I have used must be working because I can still walk around on my two feet, sometime with a cane, which is better than being what I was told at the DX that I would be wheelchair bound by now.

  5. hello doc boster, very informative video as always and I thank you for that! you said tysabri and ocrevus are kinda the same… I’m on tysabri and it seems that it isn’t helping me at all and my doc is about to switch me to ocrevus so if it’s the kinda the same then why the switch?

  6. Hello Dr. Boster! I'm on ocrevus and I experience some side effects. Most of them are side effects of the methylprednisolon though. I chose Ocrevus because of the effectiveness and also because it is well tolerated by most people (I could choose from the 'first line' treatments + ocrevus), so I would like to stay on ocrevus, but the side effects of the prednisolon are bothering me. From what i've read, the manufacturer recommends to use methylprednisolon before IV, that sounds to me that it is optional. Skipping the prednisolon could make the difference for me between staying on ocrevus long term, or not. I do not have infusion reactions when getting the IV's. Have you given Ocrevus withouth prednisolon? And what is your opinion about this thought?

  7. For recording and transcribing, if your doctor allows it, try Abridge. My neurologist was the one that recommended it to me. The app fully records, transcribes, and highlights topics that are discussed. It is a great reference for the "What did he say about that?". Best of all, it's a free app!

  8. Dr Boster, I have been on Tysabri for 6 months. It has dramatically improved the lesions in my brain, but the lesions in my spine are essentIally unchanged. These in my spine effect my quality of life daily. At what point would you consider adding another agent or changing the DMT? Should I not expect improvement or just allow more time? How long after starting tysabri do you continue to see improvements in newly diagnosed/naive patients?
    Thanks…from Georgia.

  9. Hi, Doctor Boster. I have some liver damage after my treatment with Mavenclad and although it's mild I'm concerned about how well I would tolerate other DMTs in the future ,as well as steroids, all on top of my symptons meds . Is it common for MS patients to acumulate liver damage due to all the treatments and how is that dealed with?

  10. Great video! I do miss the weekly live question/answer sessions you held in 2019. There was something extra personable about those live MS village meetings. 😀

  11. Doc B: Hope u r well…question: please: do doctors ever request Evoked Potentials after someone has been dx’d? Example: years down the road after diagnosis to compare to the original results?? Thank U 😎

  12. Great videos as always!

    One thing that has been bugging me since my diagnosis in December is that I feel perfectly fine.
    I've had one maybe two attacks but other than that everything is normal, I go to the gym 5 – 6 times a week and usually go mountain climbing once a week.
    Got great balance and no fatigue or anything, I'm taking Tecfidera and it's going smoothly.
    I'm just constantly worrying that I've been misdiagnosed and I can't relate to anyone with MS, what could be going on?

    If I truly have MS then I hope I can keep it the way it is now.

    Thanks and sorry for the long message.. 😅

  13. Hi Dr B. Thanks for another informative video.
    Surprised that you wouldn't allow an appointment to be recorded. Sort of imagine it as a very customized version of these videos based on your clinical observation and what I tell /ask you. You're not camera shy. 😀
    How is the pandemic affecting medical conferences? Are they going on as Zoom meetings? What about research and clinical trials – will there be a gap in the pipeline in a few years time? I mean if people's approved treatments are being put on hold /delayed …
    Stay safe.
    From regional Victoria Australia now in shutdown 2.0, but with numbers nowhere like the US.

  14. Hey Doctor B, I'd really like to hear you talk about Trigeminal Neuralgia. This is a possible symptom that scares me a lot, because I've heard the pain is excruciating and it is hard to treat. I recently had some numbness and mild pain around the left side of my jaw and I was scared that it may be the beginning of TN.
    Could you elaborate on TN a bit?

  15. Hi, really enjoyed your video, it was very informative. I have a question, do the most effective drugs, tysabri, lemtrada etc stop patients from developing secondary progressive Ms? I can't seem to find an answer to this question anywhere. Thanks

  16. Hello, Dr. Boster. My apologies for asking this question on several of your older videos, however I was wondering what your possible outlook for a person that was *technically diagnosed with a pediatric case of multiple sclerosis would look like. In addition to that, what kind of things would you recommend a pediatric MonSter to do to fight back? [to be honest, I was diagnosed at 14 but I'm 25 years old now]

  17. Question, are you able to actually answer questions on symptoms people might have or do you not do that because people might take it as actual medical advice ? Just wondering if you can even discuss symptoms at all on this channel ?

  18. Hey Dr B.
    Are there any studies about post partum relapses following Lemtrada. I know there’s a general risk in MS but would love to know if there’s any research specific to Lemtrada. Thank you from a currently pregnant MSer in 🇬🇧

  19. Thanks for the videos. I have a question about contrast. I've had bad reactions to the contrast (nausea, sudden urges for bathroom, slight swelling in lips) and I'm not sure I want to get it for my next scans.

    Personally I care less about an 'active' lesion vs just a new lesion on regular scans. I'm curious if you feel it's bad to get regular scans without contrast.

  20. "Hair grows quickly. Well maybe not mine." Haha. Thanks for answering my question. A lot of my patients come to me already diagnosed with MS, but I would say I recommend a spinal tap in around 15-20% of people being evaluated for MS. For most, the history/exam/MRI make the diagnosis abundantly clear. In terms of recording, people should be very careful because recording someone without their permission is actually illegal in many states (including California where I practice).

  21. I had a neurological examination today. I have had nautical vertigo for 3months. Some say it was bppv lateral canal. the examination was normal, but earlier MR pictures said: a few small periventricular lesions. Not looking like demyelinating lesions. They said they will look at the pictures, and maybe take another MR, or not, since there was no problems in the examination

    Can an MS pasient have completely normal neurological examination at the start?

  22. Awesome video Dr B! 👍🏻👏🏻
    I also found Dr Bieber recently. He is awesome too. So now I have two awesome MS doctors on YouTube that I follow. So not only have I been filling my head with Dr Bosters knowledge, But I am also filling it with the other Dr B's knowledge 😉

    Thank you gentlemen

  23. Hi Dr Boster! Could you please talk about a possible link between EBV and MS, and what could be the implications for ms patients and their children? Could EBV vaccine (once created) help prevent MS?

  24. Hi Dr Boster. I have pins and needles sensations everyday since my diagnosis in March. I have jerks all over my body too. Is it a sign that meds aren't working? Or this could be PPMS?
    BTW I'm on Tecfidera now.

    Best regards from Croatia

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