Moving | Lincoln's Seizures | Penelope's Surgery

We wanted to give an update on Lincoln’s seizures as well as Penelope’s upcoming cleft palate surgery. PLUS, we are hoping to be moving soon! OUR OTHER …


  1. Travel and being over tired is a trigger for seizures I have three types of epilepsy seizures it can cause over tired sleep deprivation it can be medibolic Flickering sun between trees in a car. I call the strop light effect. ,has he had a 4 day brain mapping in a epilepsy unit I spent years trying to get the right treatment Cleveland clinic children’s has a fantastic Epilepsy unit I am on two seizures meds and CBD oil wish ya all the luck prayers for you all 🙏🙌🏻 your a beautiful family

  2. You both are so bless. I'm new to your video and my goodness I love them all it have make me in treat and learn a lot from you guys I love all your kiddos they are so sweet and cute. Lincoln remind of my son. My son is almoat 2 year and omg when my son watch Lincoln he smile and laugh of joy wheb Lincoln have the cuties laught. I'm hmong my family are from thailand and I been telling my husband about your video that have make me the happiest person I love you both a lot I hope to get to meet with you or talk and mgs with you both.

  3. Hi, Mr & Mrs Stephen,
    I had been watching your videos from 2 days continuously. Its been great to have the courage to adopt. You guys are doing well and thanks for doing it. And all your children are greatly bonded in short and l wish all the success to their future.

  4. I take it that you believe that God put the children in your lives and that is wonderful thing, however if any of them grow up to be gay or trans etc please don't make them feel bad or turn your backs on them, they will all be who they are and they will still need your love and your support and your friendship.

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