More Frequent Watering for Cannabis Plants

Whether you grow in soil, coco coir, or some other grow media, or if you water with water alone or a nutrient mix. The case for more frequent watering at smaller …


  1. Hello. I have a question. I am growing a plant inside my apartment in a pot through light from open window. The soil is almost never exposed to direct light. My plant are quite big (6 weeks veg, almost 1 meter – switching soon). If I water the plant, even with just a liter, the surface remains wet even for 3-4 days. Usually you need to wait until the surface dries, but I guess i need to water the plants a little bit at least every day. Some suggestions?

  2. It was all great and so you started going on about beneficial bacteria doesn’t matter what you did to them they will always be there naturally occurring you don’t need to add them and you will never get rid of them unless you use something like H2O2 peroxide which is quite common in hydroponic systems and what is hydroponics known for more vigourous growth there are useful but not crucial if you’re feeding plant available nutrients and they’re not required. You people really need to stop putting so much fucking emphasis on micro bacteria and fungus we don’t need to be concerned with it unless you go out of your way to kill it already mentioned it will be there it’s everywhere

  3. I wasnt able to fully understand and take advantage of teachings in this video till I switched from hand watering to automated drip system. Precision watering when most need is key to deliverying dense quality buds!

  4. This guy knows what's up. I've been trying to sell my guys on my his way. timer 20min still dark 10am 10 min. 12pm. 10 min until 3 or 4pm sucking up water and nutrients then let drain. HAPPY PLANTS

  5. this just killed my plant do to salt build up. this only works if youre using highly draining mediums. eg if you use peat make sure you have at least 70 percent perlite mixed in with your peat or you will kill your plant either with pythium or by salt buildup and you will not know until its too late. this guy is smart but hes missing half his brain because these directions taken without more specific application to exactly what type of setup and plant you are using will kill your plant. this is horrible advice and should come with a warning. its like these "pros" like to give you half of the the pie but leave the other half for themselves because they only need half the pie to sound smart and look like a king of growing, which is all they really care about, pride. this guy should give me the money that would have been at least a grand on my gg #4 tree i was growing that was killed by his "advice" PATHETIC!

  6. It's easy to say to water often. Likely if water often the medium will get wetter until it gets to wet. I find it easier to let the medium dry out a bit between watering to control the moisture in the medium.

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