1. Couldn't this be considered a strategic move in a good way since there could be the possibility of Moscow Mitch being removed from the Senate after the election, so that it has a better chance of surviving? I understand that post-election could tank this bill's survivability too, but as it stood right now it was estimated of having a 3% chance of making it into law. (I'm trying to remember the source but if I find it I'll post later.)

  2. Dude come on come on now there's been no such thing as Justice in this country ever since 1960 come on I mean maybe in the fifties they had it I don't know but I guarantee it was nothing in the 70s and as a kid in the eighties and nineties I tell you what there was no justice in that time and there's no just just now day that's it that's Ancient Ancient and that's everywhere you go it's not here in there come on

  3. This sucks but typical at this point. One day it will be legal federally but at least my state has it up on the 2020 ballot hopefully we get the vote out here in Jersey…p.s no home grows smh ☹️

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