Missouri Police Searching For Marijuana In A Stage 4 Cancer Patient's Hospital Room | TIME

Police in Missouri search a man’s hospital room for marijuana. Video goes viral. Subscribe to TIME ▻▻ Get closer to the world of …


  1. Someone needs to shred some asbestos and release it into the air of their station. Hopefully knowing that they will get cancer sometime in the next 30 years will help change their attitudes towards cancer patient rights.

  2. The confusing state of State laws vs Federal laws that exist lend towards an atmosphere of police discretion, especially in places where it has/is/will be medicinally legal. Discretion is the better part of judgment and in this instance it was not applied in a palatable manner. This has every earmark of offense, yet, it was probably totally legal. This is the conundrum.

  3. Generally I would say most cops are stupid and many are bullies. However, the real blame must go to politicians (both democrats and republicans) who have decided that big pharma's dangerous drugs are the only ones we can legally use; even if they are vastly more dangerous than marijuana. By the way, these same politicians often use tobacco and alcohol which are both much worse than marijuana.

    So much for living in "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave". We're obviously not free and these cops, searching this dying mans bags for a bit of marijuana, are cowards!

  4. Smelling the cannabis is not probabul cause. And the man should take the hospital and pollice to court for violation of his rights what they forgot to tell you is the person has constitutional rights where you can not violate there rights and privacy even if you smell marijuana clearly you understand the law and know you can not search with out a legal warrant signed by a judge stating what you are looking for and this was a clear violation of these rights and the person should take legal action in my opinion agents both and make them respect rights of people and not search no matter if you see it or smell it or you watch him do it he is a stage 4 cancer patient you should have more respect for the rights of the patient .

  5. Sad sad sad , what a shame. stage 4 cancer , I've been with loved ones in hospitals as I've lost several of my family members to cancer I can't imagine the police coming into their room as they're trying to rest or make peace with God knowing they're not going to make it that long I can only imagine when I was in those situations with loved ones had the police came in , what a shame I'm just stunned !!! how sad, sad I believe the doctor lady actually asked the police if they had a search warrant ? if they were allowed to search his things, to which I believe they replied to her they didn't need a search warrant they had probable cause whether he had marijuana or not ? And stage 4 cancer I hope he did have marijuana or cannibas oil , I've heard cancer doctors and cancer nurses say at the end of life or in treatment they should be able to use whatever they need to make them feel better obviously within reason , and I'm sure if they passed this law in a few months for marijuana maybe patients at that hospital won't have to have the police called on them , I can't believe there's not some form of legal treatments for marijuana use for cancer patients in Missouri , I think they've been using marijuana for cancer patients for years I know they were using it in the early 80s at Vanderbilt before my mother died of cancer so I find it hard to believe there's not some law or some medical marijuana available in Missouri but then again it's Missouri and we've just seen them at their best so sad 💔💔🙏

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