Meteorite Hash Wednesday LEGALIZATION EDITION

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  1. I agree totally the sad part is they kicked my door in a month and a half ago also they said 8 plants inside, in a 4×4, 2 weeks into flower, had 4090 grams on it. So they not only destroy homes and kids they lie and screw us any way they can. I can’t wait for it to become legal. Cheers Remo you are the man I was also using the supercharged kit on them ✌️🔥💨

  2. Hate politicians but thumbs up to our very young Justin Trudeau in who almost alone and against all odds even in his own government made it happen !! He will be remembered for this more than anything else cuz its historical !! Am still stoked! Am 50 now and never would have believe anyone would have told me this could happen in my lifetime like Remo said also but it did !! Enough putting people in jail for a few grams of weed !! Love you guys and love yur show !

  3. I wish The United States would go legal in all 50 states. Luckily I live in a state that has mmj Arizona. We tried to legalize it a few years back but failed. I hope they fix that. Cannabis has really changed my life for the better. I used to self harm because of severe pain and depression cannabis has helped so damn much. I wish everyone could experience cannabis

  4. Thank you for having a heart and spine, today we can honestly state that cannabinoids cause apoptosis of cancer cells. The earliest medical publications I could find to the effect within the United States National Library of Medicine date back to 2007. People dying for nothing, including all of my family ..over nonsense we can prove to be wrong with a simple whirlwind of documents from all over the globe. We have proof pinning the ability of cannabinoids to cause apoptosis of cancer cells since 2007 ..while we have known about endogenous cannabinoid deficiency since the early 1990's. Today we have all the references necessary to make the simple yet effective statement that CANNABINOIDS CAUSE APOPTOSIS OF CANCER CELLS.

  5. Tammy was so high I love all of yas somkeing with mom for the first time would of been epic youngblood lol congratulations you guys would of love to have been there with yas celebrating maybe one day lol great vid

  6. So jealous! VA still a prohibition state… congrats on your success my bros from the great white north. One more domino falling means it will be here soon. Eventually our government will wise up…stay stoney everyone..I know you will. ✌

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