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  2. I 100% agree this lady knows what she's talking about who gives a rats ass about what other people think it's the people who want to smoke should you see anybody bitching at anyone because they're having a drink you know how many is in the big cities how many drinks to the present taken a beer for god sakes he's in much more marijuana is legal to be legalized that's a good thing not a bad thing to quit being a bunch of f**** Nazis be civilized in this world would be better and f*** the world world on drugs is a bunch of crock of s*** and everyone knows it and all you little bastards out there that does not think it should be right go jump in a volcano hypocrites

  3. Marijuana is medicine! Melissa looks Great!! I use marijuana for a few medical reasons. I feel Every state should have Medical Marijuana, Especially in Kentucky. I refuse to use Any pain pills, my medicine of choice is marijuana. It's not all about the high. I smoke it and eat it, helps my stomache out so much, that's where I had my surgeries done. Marijuana should be a class 2 Nationwide, It's Medicine.

  4. Yes Legalize this plant it is a medication please for cancer patients and people suffering with epileptic seizures my mom has seizures so I know what this feels like to know there is something to easy these peolpes pain and to heal the world why not?

  5. Here we are four years later, and more people know the truth. Yet it still absolutely boggles my mind that some people are still against full legalization. And those that oppose medical Cannabis are all monsters, and very stupid ones at that.

  6. What my real question is why this is a debate forget if its addictive like alcohol and tabacco and such or if it could kill you like the afermentioned real drugs 56% of the US wants it legal… that should be the end of story that should be the end all to begin all… we want it PERIOD we aren't free if we can't even do a harmless plant that makes you happy, hungry and sleepy

  7. @90talisten Think of the children?…..do u know how many children/teens realize the truth about this plant…do u realize that tobacco /alcohol are twice as worse…that what needs to illegal not Marijuana..Respect God's Plant

  8. @MrsBettieG oh im so sorry about my recent comment about using marijuana for Bipolar disorder—i made mistake–really sorry mrs bettie G- im suppose to say for those people like Melissa's situation–marijuana should be legallized as a medical process…im so sorry about my comment

  9. Why do we prohibit something that is helping human mankind? It's ok to be an alcoholic (mind you, the policy says that you are an alcoholic if you drink more than 2 glasses of wine per day; it means that the whole of France and Spain is alcoholic), but Bill Clinton didn't inhale a toke of a joint as that is really wrong!. We are talking about medicinal marijuana here. It helps people.
    On the other hand, I do understand as it doesn't help the turnover of the pharmaceutical firms. Wake up!

  10. the illegality keeps the gangster importers in a job and the pharmaceutical secured so it is not all bad – as for the imaginary 'gateway drug' I think you will find this is alcohol – also the biggest killer and cause of social and domestic unrest – this is simply a fact in the UK when will the arseholes we pay to govern us to do something for us rather than against us – legalise EVERYTHING as it simply makes no sense to do otherwise – unless you are a arsehole benefiting from the situation

  11. My problem with this video is Anderson (like everyone else, don't get me wrong I have nothing but respect for Anderson Cooper) makes a joke about smoking pot and eating the pizza after…. Look I know its funny to joke about, but this is (and IT SHOULD BE) a serious topic! We have people, like my mother who was diagnosed with severe breast cancer 2 years ago, who really do need this wonderful medicine and herb we call Cannabis. It has been SCIENTIFICALLY proven to help, yet we still debate…

  12. Sad to think that a few greedy pot heads are keeping MM from being Proven "Efficacious"!!
    Then we all would have Legal access with a simple Doctors Prescription!!
    We need freedom so the Pot leaders can set a price we all MUST PAY for Medications we can get for FREE from the Government of Canada!!

  13. Thank you ,she has my respect .and for the one person the disliked this he or she can suck my left nut cause they dont deserve my right nut or tell you what you dont even deserve my nuts ,eat my ass after i take a shit.

  14. i came up in the 70s (im an old lady now lol) and i didnt smoke again till in my later 40s when health issues compiled. IT IS MEDICINAL. i still dont have a heavy habit and am afraid of jail but i'm intelligent enough to know that nature has given us plenty of resources for our well-being. those old laws need to be reversed. young people need to vote in pro-campaigners with strong convictions for this to occur. it helps my son's bi-polar issues as well. Peace.

  15. laws against marijuana are built on bull shit it was not built on logic take for example reafer madnis was used to scair people into voting to make marijuana ealegal by stating weed makes u kill people and mad but it makes u calm. and they also called it gate way drug to build up fear in the publick so they would not do it but thats not true people just marijuana as a scapegoat to do what they want look it up for your self

  16. modernmillie,
    It's actually proven that ignorance is a form of stupidity! Do research before you speak.
    If you feel that way, let me ask you this…. how many years have you been smoking?!?!


  17. Amen to that Sista!! If I could get off all my pain meds and all the side effects, which by the way I am having one right now! I would totally use medicinal marijuana. My drugs have so many side effects it's unreal. This morning, for instance, I can feel my hair growing and my heart is pounding out of my chest & I'm having chest pain and indigestion. It feels like my whole body is skitzing. Now how, with those side effects today, would I know if I was having a heart attack, let's say? Ahhh!

  18. It blows my mind that pot is illegal. It is the stupidest damn law that ruins so many lives. Not only the people in prison but every one of their family members! It is an injustice that boils my blood.

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