1. GMOs not necessarily a bad thing and all depends on the way you go about it.as long as they don't do to anything else what they've done the corn we should be okay.also during the extraction process of the THC separating it from the yeasts very easy because yeasts just not survive the extraction process if it would then you would technically be digesting bread because yeast is baked and it's in 🍞

  2. “You lost me at GMO.” Are you fucking kidding me? Are you that dumb that you didn’t figure out it was genetically modified after this dude explained that Biochemists created a yeast that could make THC. What else? Do you think these fuckers were walking in the woods and stumbled upon some yeast that created THC under a bear’s fucking ballsack? This proves how dumb you are. This dude explained to you what a GMO was and you were suposedly all for it until he said the fucking acronym GMO.

  3. Ofcourse scientists will use yeast to produce the compounds in the most efficient way. However, many medical marijuana users, find growing their medicine hold an extraordinary power of healing also. Botany is a wonderful hobby. With any disease or illness we might face, keeping your mind happy is what is the most important part. The growing fills that role perfectly for many people, even those not ill the hobby of cultivating marijuana is exciting and interesting to most, and help boost the quality of life for many people.

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