1. Texas legislatures won't legalize marijuana as long as they can put it on the streets illegally and criminalizing the plant. Legalize marijuana and the war on drugs in Texas will loose govt. funding. Mind you every politician has their hands in the illegal trafficking of drugs.

  2. I live in Colorado Springs, Its crap that all these people out of state that want pot move here…Sadly they need to change their own laws! Instead of moving here and screwing up the Springs housing market and local economy…jobs harder to find and no affordable housing as examples.
    Do not take it the wrong way I feel bad for anyone out there that needs weed, but thats why I want it legal nationally so people can stay where they live. Stop voting R simple as that….

  3. I was smoking a preroll with my friend & they dropped to the floor, coherent, eyes open, fingers twitching a little bit and talking normal but not able to get up until a few minutes. They played it off a few weeks ago as just playing around but this time they dropped in their kitchen floor then through a screen door with same symptoms & right after smoking a preroll from a dispensary. I thought I killed my friend💔🙇🏻‍♂️

  4. I am married with my wife shes 26 years old and i also have dealing with her seizures for more than 3 years, its no joke. My daughters also get scare when she has her episodes. I am also looking for a full recovery for her not to be sick no more but i just cant find the solution she is taking three medications. god please help.
    if any one knows the solution
    contact me 323 3915785 text me before calling please god bless all the oeople with epileptic seizures and god bless the good doctors to help all sick people.

  5. Yeah I get sleep seizures do to physical abuse and I can't even see a doctor because I can't afford to I can't even get Medicaid because they say because my husband and kids get checks from the gov I can't get health insurance because I don't have a job because I'm a stay at home mom and I'm to young for medicare I'm only 35

  6. A random stranger says, "Hey I know her and this is a scam" and everyone would rather believe a random stranger on the internet than a News Organization who looked into her medical files and did the story on her… Guess we believe what we want to believe…

  7. 1.I am all about the use of CBD for seizures. 2. That is a classic pseudoseizure. 3 If that was a real seizure – holding an individual while they are seizing is not safe at all – that is probably why she has suffered broken bones and torn ligaments if that is the standard treatment of her "seizures". Bringing her to the the ground and clearing the space around her so she don't injure herself is the safest method you can use for keeping a seizing patient safe in case she happens to have one.

  8. I have known sherise for almost 20 yrs. all of this is bs. she has smoked weed daily since I met her. she also has been taking large doses of xanax daily as well. she always wanted to be "famous" I worked with her for heaven sent pit bull rescue. it was a joke!! those dogs are not trained. she scammed people left and rite with go fund me. I'm not the only one who knows she is a fraud. Google the real heaven sent pit bull rescue. she don't have seizures or now she claiming epilepsy. what a joke. I have lived with her off and on for years. she is a master manipulator, and a good one. oh and her so called broken bones, from being " barred out" and falling. I know her well, and looks like this is her latest scam. smh wonder how long this husband will take before he see she full of it. I just feel sorry for the kids. what you do in the dark will always come to the light. she real good at playing the victim roll. good luck in Colorado. ✌✌✌

  9. This breaks-my-heart! Please legalize medicinal marijuana! If it were-a memeber-of ur family u would want them to have-a-chance at a normal life! Its more-natural than-what those-pharmaceutical companies are regulating! God bless the sick and ill!

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