1. Before getting on 2015 Rec Mmj user. I was taking mental health 2004 stopped taking there drugs by 2009 pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by their nurse didn't care to read more it knowledge the side effects that would cause it to use my nausea. To turn into Gastroparesis diagnosis yesterday 5/7/2015. But the gastro specialist needs blaming marijuana for causing my gastroparesis. And refuses to knowledge the gas mental health nurse prescribe drugs prescription that is started and caused my gastroparesis she nor is it completely still blaming marijuana for my problems.

    The doctor still trying to put me on drugs by testing my heart rate next. But I'm standing firm staying away from Jefferson center of mental health nurses that used me for experimental drug that never help my mental condition but only cause this Gastroparesis to be experience I did not want in my life. I'm working n my med card again for my safety eating survival reasons now.

  2. Sativa works best for me Usually a hybrid 60% Sativa 40% Indica. My local disp has ER SuperBud (ER=Ed Rosenthal) Golden Goat, Hawaiian Banana, AK-47, Chiesel & Devils Tit Vaporizing the oil is very effective use caution, glass rig & titanium nail you can overdose Marijuana overdose=A Perceived Panic Attack not a real panic attack a perceived one only Close eyes, breath deep nap then wake up eat Much better and no negative side effects oh, except for one Better Health More Rewarding Longer Life:)

  3. I have had Gastroparesis for about 7 years. I have had to change careers because of the severity of this condition. I am also a medical card holder, and I would not be able to live a normal life without cannabis. Unfortunately finding consistent quality is difficult in my state, and certain strains do not work very well compared to others, but I get what I can find. No dispensaries here.

  4. I also have gastroparesis i am 28 and i have had this disease for over 10 years now and everyday is a struggle. Cannabis is the only medicine that helps me deal with my illness.if it wasnt for Cannabis I would only weigh 120 pounds. Cannabis has helped me for over 15 years and I will continue to use it regardless of what the law has to say about it I have a right to feel healthy and normal and Cannabis makes me feel that way.

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