1. When your disabled you can't buy anything for your plants. No extra nutrients, just soil and tap water. Doesn't do much. You actually have to buy the extra goodies to have good rich nugs you want. A bag of soil just doesn't cut it. I need a garden like that so bad. I have crohn's and colitis and bad back. Can't afford to buy the shit anymore at clubs. This guy's is so lucky to have this grow. Nugs for days and won't have to waste cash at the clubs or just buying weed period. Nice fucking grow man. I'm super fucking jelous. Peace. Keep it up, looks like heaven there.

  2. Last year I grew snow cap and it got infested with Caterpillars and this year I'm growin Gape ape and I dont want the Caterpillars come back so My question for you is how u get rid of Caterpillars? and what ever that it might hurt the plant.

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