Medical Marijuana in Texas: How it could affect you in 2015

Medical marijuana may very well be coming to Texas in 2015 due to the efforts of a coalition of groups. There’s a lot of questions surrounding what the medical …


  1. Exactly I don't do it in public I do in my own private house but the messed up thing about it is the local police department look at it different but you guys local politician same difference it's all messed up this is my point exactly

  2. I have a condition that dr.s throw all kinds of Rx opiods , muscle relaxers, and Xanax. That's a few. No weed. I can't even find it on the street anymore. There are tweakers walking the streets 48 hours a day, but no weed. Come on with the bull shit.

  3. grow our own without limitations. Are there any limits to how many tomatoes or how much Basil you possess? Cannabis is safer than either of those. Juicing the plant or making the oil are the safest way to consume this plant. I like the idea of marijuana being struck from our Texas laws so that is is treated like any other herb. It is NOT a public safety issue! Especially for chronic users. I vote YES to House Bill 2165!

  4. Ask those who suffer from chronic pain, sleep, anxiety Рany number of issues that requires Dr.'s and medication(s) and insurance and on and on and on.  I would think that the first step would be a form of medicine (for Law purposes) which would include all the different methods to use MJ, then small amounts for everyone to use would be approved next.  Amazing money generated from a MJ tax (from growers to all related products for MJ) Рsee youtube vids from Colorado, Canada, and you can see it IS a big deal Рnot to mention the long list of problems that would shrink, such as costs for police, hospitals, prison system, criminal courts (all of which are long on back-up problems and short on operational funds).  Too many to mention.  

    A fast way to demonstrate the boost Texas will get from a good MJ Bill?  Show the $ help with roads, transportation boards, programs for schools, every single thing the State has to pay for.  Plus, State prisons are full of MJ 'regular Joes', (this needs to end) so I'm sure if money is mentioned, a well-written Bill would surely have a chance of being passed. The first step is getting a discussion, some Lobby support, and some support from ALL State agencies that would benefit financially from passage of a Bill.  Even if only medicinal, I'm sure that Insurance companies would support a MJ Bill as medicinal MJ might (WOULD) help eliminate death, disability from RX od's, provide an alternative to the high costs of big pharma, with a proven, safer method/choice (for everyone) to treat a multitude of ailments in a more natural way.  This change would be: Direct help for medicinal users and financial help for the State and Texas residents.  Eventually, legalized for anyone who chooses to use MJ in a lawful, safe manner.  More Dollars and Sense.

  5. It was about time, people that are in charge of passing bills like this don't understand what a lot of people suffer and doctors just prescribe prescriptions out of there ass not paying attention to all the damage that a human made drug causes to the human body as long as they get paid they don't care what they prescribe us, I suffer from migraines I know it's not a big thing but no medication can calm the pain but cannabis, its helps me a lot and specially when I go to work I can work comfortable with no pain

  6. National Cannabis Patients Wall is very excited by the way so many states are working so hard to change cannabis laws across America. This is a great well thought out campaign. If you would like us to share your states campaign please see our site and make sure we have your current campaign information so we can send people to support your campaign. Will be sharing this video for all Texans in our patient support group. 

  7. I am a law abiding conservative citizen. I have PTSD and sleep insomnia. I want medical cannabis. I have taken Xanax and antidepressants. Xanax is scary additive and antidepressants don't work for me. I love my great state of Texas, but the Cannabis laws here make it so people like me only have the option to take medications that do not work or are more harmful. My other option is to drink alcohol to fall asleep; which makes my PTSD worse…

  8. whoop whoop. i have been following marijuana reform for a few years now and i can honestly say that the country in general is making strides!! its awesome to be witness to this awesome change in our society. KEEP ON FIGHTING

  9. I moved from Texas to Washington and here I can legally carry 24 oz as a medical patient. That medical bill sounds like bullshit as far as possession because it is totally outrages to think that a patient is going to be able to "legally" produce that small of an amount. What if they produce more? How many plants is a patient allowed to grow? I expect more than this with all of the progression from other states. I would hold out for more responsible legislature. 

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