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  2. What about medical marijuana for visual snow? I was diagnosed with visual snow likely caused by migraines. They aren't really sure but know it's a brain problem not an eye problem. I'm just curious if it can help visual snow/static since it may be related to migraines.

  3. What is the suggested usage.For instance,Although I know every case is different, I have 2 to 3 bad migraines a month. Does that mean I would take medical marijuana every day? Around the typical times I get my ( hormonal)migraines? Or just when I feel a migraine coming on? Yes I’ve tried hormone therapy acupuncture and Imitrex nothing has completely alleviated them

  4. I know several people that lived in pain for years , and find relief with THC . The other medicine had bad side effects . I don't use it ,but I'm all for people living without suffering .

  5. Hi my name is Jamie and I've been suffering from migraines since I was 5 years old I'm on imitrex's and it doesn't work I'm wanting to try the medical marijuana. How do I go about doing that? And what's the best strain for migraine's?

  6. Earlier this year I posted the following under Dr. Patel's "How to buy CBD oil" video and received no meaningful comments. At the time I was not familiar with her work and the CBD oil episode was the first of Dr. Patel's videos that I discovered. I have since discovered this video and believe it addresses a topic more relevant to my situation. My apologies for the duplicate post, but I am desperate for advice. Since my original post I have been prescribed trans-cranial magnetic stimulation and self-administer 8 to 16 magnetic pulses daily. It is too soon for me to assess the efficacy of the treatment. Also, I t is expensive (device rental is $250/month) and not covered by insurance.

    My original post:
    I suffer from hemicrania continua, a rare condition that is unfamiliar to many doctors. This condition causes continuous pain on one side of the head (in my case, the right side). The intensity and localization of the pain varies – it is typically a "ram's horn pattern" headache (up the neck, over and encircling the ear), but at its worst it can affect the the entire right side of my body (interestingly, at points usually associated with fibromyalgia). I am 60 years old, male, and have had this headache for 45 years. I have seen many specialists, including neurologists, physiatrists, psychiatrists, psychologists (bio and neuro-feedback), dentists (TMJ) , chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc. The MDs are typically dismissive and diagnose the condition as anxiety. (Frankly, I think the chronic pain is the likely origin of any symptoms of anxiety.) The alternative therapies have had little effect. Eventually, I went to a headache clinic (one of the oldest and most respected in the United States) and the neurologists immediately suspected hemicrania continua. They prescribed indomethacin as a "test" and instructed me to start at 75mg and increase the dose by 75mg each day until I was pain free (I was not to exceed 300 mg/day). I was also given sucralfate to protect my stomach and intestines. The drug had little effect until I reached 225mg. At that point, I was completely free of pain for the first time since I was a child. I took this drug for about 2 years until a routine colonoscopy revealed diverticulosis, which required me to discontinue the indomethacin. After that my neurologist tried several SSRIs, SSNRIs, tricyclics, tetracyclics, anti-seizure medications (Topamax, gabapentin, and Depacote) and finally Botox (FDA migraine protocol). Initially, the Botox was effective but became less so over time. During this time, I had a chest CAT scan (suspicion of pneumonia) and it revealed a 4.3cm aortic aneurysm just above the aortic root. (It does not involve the valve or the arch.) I get a CAT or MRI twice a year and the aneurysm has been stable since I became aware of it – it is likely my imaging will be reduced to once each year. Because of its stability and my diligent tracking of blood pressure neither my cardiologist nor surgeon have particular concerns. (I have not had surgery, but my cardiologist consults with a surgeon.). They suspect I may have had this condition long before I became aware of it. My cardiological situation rules out any possibility of returning to indomethacin or any other NSAID. Also, there is no indication of Marfan's or any other connective tissue disease associated with aneurysms. I do, however, have a spina bifida occulta, but every doctor I have seen has considered it to be insignificant.
    My apologies for the extensive and perhaps overly detailed history, but I thought it necessary to provide sufficient background for my question. Might marijuana or it's derivatives be effective in managing my chronic pain? Although you have mentioned in your videos a concern regarding dysrhythmia, this is a condition that I am fortunate not to have. I live in New York City and there is a legal dispensary here, but, while most of my doctors are open to the idea, they are reluctant to prescribe it. Any opinion would be very much appreciated.

  7. I tried Medical Marijuana. I took one lemon tasting candy. It was rather small. However, about 40 mins later I freaked out and was so scared. I literally felt like I was shrinking. Worst anxiety of my life! I was so disassociated Ended up in the ER because I thought I was dying. They tested it and it was only medical marijuana. This had bad effects on me. It was my first time..

  8. Hello doctor. What form of marijuana do you recommend for migraines. I use topicals that are 25mg THC. While the intensity is more manageable, it doesn't go away completely. I'm thinking I should purchase a more concentrated one next time

  9. See Doctor, I have a "severe migraine with visual aura" as my doctor(s) say(s)… There is no legal way of getting marijuana as I live in India ( guessing from your name, you might know that… still just an assumption). I have been told to have Rizact-5 at the "right" time… This is only a last resort or SOS, but I want to find a cure. the frequency has gone down with time, but when the attacks do happen it's pretty bad. My BP drops, my pulse and temperature drop, I fell better after I puke and sleep for a long time but I'm weak after the episode. It would be rrrrreeeeaaally helpful if you could help me out. Thank you.

  10. I'm guessing Marijuana helps with tension headaches as well? Mine get about as bad as a migraine and can last for days as well. I get them from a medical condition. I don't think they will ever stop being a part of my life. I do get migraines sometimes as well. A new development within the past year and a half.

  11. Thank you for your work. I have started the CBD oil yesterday and wonder if there is any complication taking Triptans with that when a migraine attack comes on? Does it take some days before CBD starts working?

  12. Hey i'm a new subscriber and believe me i support your support of medical marijuana and i would love to see your credentials and just more studies on whether or not use could effect blood pressure problems depression sleeplessness and other effects and i would also enjoy you describing how some people are effected by it immediately, afterwords, and long term. And ill be informing some of my friends about your channel! Ok take care and good luck on your studies! -R

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