1. Thank you for the video, I have been suffering from severe back pains for a year and a half after a fall and a T8 compression fracture, have been put on Tramadol, tried Gabapentin and now medical cannabis. The problem is finding what to use and how to dose. But there is hope!

  2. nice video thanks, i take Dronabinol (Marinol), i have chronic nerve pain taking Tramadol & Gabapentin and have tried this but i spend the day stoned which is not nice as you have no interest to do anything, i have started and stopped 2 times but i would like to know please how long do i have to take Dronabinol (Marinol ) before the stoned feeling goes or i get used to it ???? Thankyou

  3. I have a long list of chronic illnesses etc.! My Dr. asked me how I feel, I explain that I feel extremely trapped as 1 trigger triggers another trigger to where I feel triggered out & I feel I am dam-ed if I do & dam-ed if I don't no matter which way I turn, so what's left? As many times I have scary negative thoughts, but am determined not to hurt the ones I love, visa versa… Then feeling trapped with making ends meet, feels impossible while trying to live off of SSI & getting a little over $700.00 a month, so stress for sure causes more pAiNs & I don't know a way to make it work, so here I am trying to find help in positive ways & hoping that's soon, "there is hope"… I was told that "Pure Medicinal cannabis" with Hemp, CBD & THC is what I need, is this true please? Thank you

  4. Man. Great video, and very accurate. With a rational, calm speaker who’s imparting facts makes me like this video even more. As someone who uses this medication to manage post-op chronic pain, I agree totally with what you say. I’m not a doctor, but, I couldn’t agree with what you say any more than I already do. You’ve earned a thumbs up, and an addition to my favorites. Thank you.

  5. i pray i can actually get a" real card" that's excepted when you have several conditions that qualify myself for a" mmj card" automatical/for HEP C"/ and more,,, from accident in hit by a car wile on my bike head on!! plate in skull broken bones in face replaced cheek bone and/corner left side of face and head replaced/ultimate pain ,on meds for it so long now they dont work im opiate tolerant and I should get my card" im missing out on here in mass they hate opiate users even for my pain thats greater than the need of mine to work i need help managing of " mmj". how it works and then i can eat too… need my card! and more / Help!!! please????anyone???answers to easy thing right??? please thank you very much ? it will be good things to happen to those who help one another through all/love the freedoms but hate the paperwork"and cost of it isnt covered on any insurance either ? need guidence please y'all HELP ME PLEASE?lol reply with my answer if you know? TY :}}

  6. Sometimes Dr, pain is so great that nothing BUT opioids will help, over the long term .Now if you add cannabis to the equation, it is highly probable that the patient will be able to take less, and even in some cases eliminate opiods but certainly there is a place for a pairing of the two. No question.

  7. I've been dealing with chronic pain in both of my shoulders for 3 years. Have done all therapies out there, not allowed to take antiflammatories to help. I was going crazy, making it thru a day felt like an impossible task. I took the big step to give weed a chance and I feel like I have my life back. Makes me wish I did it sooner but I was too scared for the stigma around it. It really helps and can relate to ever word you said. Thank you.

  8. What kind of marijuana does anyone recommend for pain? I was diagnosed with cancer few months ago and it comes with pain. Edibles work well, but because they are so sweet I would like to smoke some medical marijuana. So does anyone know which one is good for pain? Thanks in advance 😊

  9. I am a serving member to the military and I have chronic back pain knee pain Ankle pain anxiety and hearing loss I'm making my steps toward taking medical marijuanna in stead of the perks that I have been given the things you said in this video have helped me bring my courage up about asking for medical marijuana. thank you

  10. [Gen 1:29-31 KJV] 29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which [is] upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which [is] the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

  11. I have chronic back pain ,RSD OR CRPS, WITH other stuff plus I have had 6 spine fusions and 3 hip fusion,(3) Cervical and (3)lower lumbar ,They stopping high dose of pain meds here were i live,,and I need some help..i would love to move some were that its legal to smoke to see if it would help me,,im in so much pain i cannot take it anymore. gofund.me/2qgy87tk

  12. I've lived with Chronic pain for many years and one day in the nursing home I smoked a blunt and it help with my pain and help me sleep I've lived with Chronic pain since I was 12 yrs of age and a diabetic type cone insulin dependent yeah I've smoked way before I found out I was a diabetic and I've been a diabetic since I was 12 years old I want it to help help with my pain and I am very brittle diabetic now after 44 yrs of it I haven't smoked for many years now but I wish I could now yeah it helps period

  13. Wow I feel like this guy is saying everything I've been going through. I just applied to a medical cannabis doctor. I really hope it helps out, cause at this point I'd do just about anything to not be in pain anymore.

  14. iv smoked weed for 32 years everysingle day & im in treatment for pain & weed does non of that shit u say , it helps with nausea & appetite & migraine headaches & thats it

  15. I have been living with Chronic Pain since 2008 when I was thrown from a horse & landed on my tailbone. There were no immediate issues as a result of my fall until late 2009 when I developed lumbar spine pain that worsened over time. I went through Physical Therapy, steroids (both in capsule form & injections), as well as prescribed everything from Oxycontin, Ultram, Hydrocodone, and Morphine. In 2011, I underwent 3 spine surgeries (2 lumbar, 1 cervical), which earlier that year, I was told I had D.D.D. The nerve pain going down my legs & feet are almost unbearable. I am to the point that I want to try medicinal marijuana, as nothing else works…my body develops an intolerance to my meds over time, and I'm back where I started…still living with a pain that keeps me bedridden most of the time. And what makes it worse?? I live in a state where it isn't legal….Oklahoma. There is currently a movement called "Green the State" (I think that's what it's called) where they're pushing to get a vote of the people on the ballot…I sure hope the officials get their heads out, open their eyes, and open their minds to help people like me! Because I've lived in this state all my life…my children and grandchildren live here, but if legalization of marijuana is not done, I'm entertaining the possibility of moving where medical marijuana is legal!

  16. Anyone out there try an ingestible form of Marijuana for chronic low back pain? If so, what sort of improvement in low back mobility (bending stooping and just getting up from a chair or bed)?

  17. This video should be called my speech about medical marijuana. You would have to imagine someone who wanted to learn more about using marijuana for managing their pain would do a search for medical marijuana and chronic pain, no links, nothing just another useless opinion. 

  18. i would like to try that medical mariguana for chronic pain, beacause i smoked normal mariguana and sometimes i felt te pain even more :/, but for all of you there suffering chronic pai like me trust me the answers are trying everything befote surgery, i went to a lot of chiropractera and phisios not of that helped for more than one day, untill i contac one proffesional that did a "balance" to my bodie, i went 3 session before he left mexico, and he teach ne how to do excercise to balance my self, and you nees to drink a lot of water to mantain your boddie hiddratated, and no cooffe, no tabaco, no alcohol, and swim, if you can do abdominals do them. i am young 24 yo but i ha e been living with ddd since 18 so i know what i am talkng about, pain killers are ok but dont over use them, all of this had helped me a lot and today i am happy and i can live my life maybe someday i would need the surgery but warever i can do before it ill do it. :)) be possitive my friend i feel you, but try to use your pain to make you a stronger person! life is all we have.
    peace and stat high lol

  19. Oh man i have been and lived down that road of oxycontin 40mgs for many many years plus taken vicodin and percocet for breakthrough pain. Life was shit. Chronic pain and living with it that way sucked. I been off them for years now.. I have been on the fence about getn a card for medical marijuana. I injured my back back in 1991 and it changed my life.. not for the better. I have D.D.D. and practically destroyed my L1-S1. I today take a different medication.. that seems to help.. (Well) I didnt wanna be on the Oxycontin anymore It was stealing my soul, i have talk with my doctor whom does referrals to you Dr, Sulak . I just haven't taken the step to do it. I know i need too.  Maybe i will see you soon Doc. Take Care and Thank You for the Video.

  20. I am looking to find the best state to move to so I can get off opioids and try marijuana. If I can get help with cronic pain I intend to get back to hunting, and living the way I use to. 

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