Medical marijuana advocates look to 2018 ballot measure

State Question 788 originated from a signature drive effort spearheaded by the pro-marijuana group Oklahomans for Health and would allow doctors in the state …


  1. I don't smoke it used to it helps with pain sometimes but a lot of the times it doesn't what they did take me off of was opioids that I was on for many years just because of the so-called opioid crisis which had nothing to do with me but because of it I'm being discriminated against

  2. We're tired of crooked politicians, we don't care about marijuana when doctors prescribe pain medication that effectively ruins someone's life, and meth ruining the streets and children, along with heroin overdoses.

    Are we really going to poor tax money into this petty drug while our education system is failing? Yes, because the people do not have power.

  3. Medical Marijuana will remove the pharmaceutical kickbacks received by crooked politicians, we must replace the funding with promises of kickbacks from the cannabis industry to achieve any access to it.

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