Medical cannabis(marijuana) oil cancer cure; Part 2 interview with Dennis Hill by Natalie Mazurek

Cannabis (marijuana) oil as a cancer cure. Part 2 of an interview with biochemist Dennis Hill by chemistry student Natalie Mazurek. In this interview Dennis …


  1. Hey Guys, Just wanted to ask how much butter a day was Dennis having? And how many times a day. Is it 3 or 4 times. Here in Australia I have no idea where to get organic oil for my Dad's prostate cancer. I was wondering since Dennis would be linked to world wide people, if there are any links that can help me in Queensland Australia. Thank you so much, for helping me, find this information. Many Kind Regards

  2. Question:  Dennis said that he took "a dot" twice a day…heard him say on another video that the dots were about as big as a grain of rice.  I've also heard him say that we should 'take it to tolerance'.  Rick Simpson and most others say to work up to a gram per day.  Which is it?

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