1. Help!!!! One of my best friend has the same kind of cancer and only 2% of chances following a traditional treatment (max a year of life) which he doesn't want to. He has 35 and he denies to be treated with chemio taken into account the few chances of success :(( I d like him to consider the use of medical cannabis…. Can anyone give me more advice on that?? It would be highly appreciated as time is running out

  2. You can ingest the oil for a complete kill in about 60 days or so….. eat it – or- suppository work excellent if you don't want the high – easily get 1.5 or 2+ grams a day with NO HIGH using coco butter suppositories – MANY SUCCESS STORIES OUT HERE – maybe this will help – worth a try because its not going to do any harm !!!

  3. My dear, You need to use it as an anal suppository. Vaping just gives you about a 15% effect to cancer killing. Oral swallowing will give you about a 40% medical effect. Anal suppository will give you about an 80% effect, although it bypasses the liver, so you do not really get high, unless you seriously increase the dose. Yes, I am a medical researcher.

  4. I’ve been diagnosed with cancer that spread to my lungs. I have an appointment with my doctor Tuesday. I’m going to listen to everything he says and I’m going to keep my options open. I heard if you take a gram a day of the Cannabis oil it will shrink the tumor. I don’t know but I’m going to try everything

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