Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary (Cancer,Aids,Crohn's & more)

In this myth shattering, information packed documentary, learn from physicians and leading researchers about medicinal cannabis and its demonstrated effects …


  1. Marijuana is the only safe & healthy thing to do. Even more than legal prescription pills. The only side effects are happy hungry sleepy(not always in that order tho). It can help with depression, bi polar, insomnia, anxiety & panic attacks, seizures,ptsd, epilepsy, & many types of physical pain, not to mention the positive feedback on recent studies with types of cancer & leukemia too. & technically marijuana is not a drug..drugs are manmade chemicals, marijuana is a plant. But if some really do consider it a drug..alright, but its not a dangerous one & its not a gateway to shit if you're smart about it. It can be mentally addictive like a lot of shit thats legal, but not if you're smart about it. A lot of shit thats legal can be a gateway drug. Alcohol is as bad as crack/cocaine & meth & heroine is, & tobacco/nicotine is bad for health too people die from all that shit in one way or another every day. It really is just a plant yet its still mostly illegal, while shit you CAN die from is still legal..thats fucked up. Personally im not against smoking weed for medical purposes, as long as its not near kids, & the smoker is at least 18 or 21..i think thats reasonable enough. I hope its legalized, or at least very DEcriminalized soon.☮💚

  2. please note that the use of the word "tobacco" is NOT for pure tobacco smoking. they've never studied the effect of pure tobacco. they study, like you see in pics, the so-called tobacco used in their tobacco products. cigarettes, fake cigars, fake pipe tobac, chew, etc. REAL tobacco plant leaves have been used by people/animals forever. and ever. tobacco is only a demon after it was brought into products and included adulterations of all sort. They talk about tobacco then show a pic of a full ashtray. there's not a bit of tobacco in any cigarette. it's all gmo fakery. so is their anti-tobacco campaign.

    there are ancient people living, especially in the slavic countries, who live in the mountains and use copious amounts of tobacco. they live to be in their hundreds. they use it as medicine and stimulant and tonic. this was relayed to me by the niece of a doctor who worked in several of those countries for the peace corps for years. he couldn't believe how healthy the old people were when they used tobacco all their life.

  3. Is it a miracle cure-all? No. Should it be used medicinally? Absolutely! Should it be legal recreationally? Yes. Does it cure cancer? Sorry, no. It also has some side-effects, but I believe it should be legalized.

  4. so what should you do about anxiety on weed? i live in a non medical state.. so i can't accurately determine the THC/CBD.. Last time I vaped, i was hit, with what felt like a panic attack/paranoia. Anyone been through this, or have any advice on how to avoid it?

  5. can one say that cannabis is a cure for cancer? most people talking here only say that cannabis helps reduce the pain and kills some cells. Whats the definition of cancer? is it a desease or just a manifestation of something else?

  6. There is no such thing as marijuana. It's the propaganda name they came up with to make Cannabis illegal. The respectful, legal name is Cannabis. The dark, slander name is marijuana.


  8. The 7 most negative effects of Marijuana:
    1.incarceration, fines, probation, and court
    2. losing or not getting a job because you failed a piss test
    (like from smoking pot 2 weeks ago on a Saturday night when you were drunk), and friends don't respect you because they associate you with being a drug addict
    (the same people who probably get drunk and often violent almost every other night…Those Good God fearing Christians),
    4.getting robbed of your hard earned money because you have to buy it from shady criminals
    5. buying and smoking pot that was grown using poisons such as pesticides
    (pot naturally absorbs toxins from soil)
    6. the paranoia you experience because of everything I have previously mentioned..
    (and all You want to do is just catch a nice buzz and be left alone to do whatever it is you like to do)
    7. Suffering from a condition that could be easily alleviated by using MJ/CBD but breaking the law if you do

  9. although the PA LEGISLATURE has passed the SB3 MMJ for chronic and other damn near dying people. Yet 100's if not thousands die from prescription drugs daily as well with alcohol cigarettes which are both legal. Cannabis alone used in its natural form has never killed anyone its safer than coffee and sugar. Which are both legal and for a recent PA legislative member commented about the long term effects of cannabis that is why he hesitates for long term legalization. Give me a break with that age old excuse. And for a member of the PA Legislature that is not up on the medical as well fundamental history of cannabis should be made to pay a fine for a lame ass excuse. That has been used from usually politicians who want to avoid the question as well as an answer

  10. Someone should sue this LAW , first its racist intention is proven by Prison racial differences to Population of Country ! and 2nd , too many people who have used it for illnesses it helps , category1is a lie as science already has proven and I myself have diabetes 2 and weed gets my leg inflammation to retract , which anti-inflammatories in pill form give no help !

  11. Dagga, Ganja or Cannabis Sativa land race strains are found all over the continent of Africa, with tribal use dating back thousands of years, as with the Dogon, who's traditional ancient stories of dagga seem to date it's use at the beginning of man's time on earth.

  12. Hey guys. Here are a few sites sponsored by pro-cannabis groups in Florida. Read and spread to become more informed to help people with ailments and stress.

    Learn, share and help make a healthy difference here in Florida!

  13. They should study me. I've smoked all day long everyday for years. Just lately had lungs tested and they're fine. Yes damaged because I had smoked tobacco for several years that damaged my lungs –quit in 1996. 63 years of age now.

  14. Why do we always see the unhealthy way of doing weed Smoking it!!!  Surely cooking it into food and eating it is the healthiest way to ingest it. Smoking anything must be bad for your lungs. We are the only species on earth that runs toward smoke. How dumb is that?

  15. Cancer has no life in a high oxygen environment. Understanding the correlation between oxygen and our mitochondria is the secret to good health and stopping aging. Increasing mitochondria (fission)in our cells minimize disease and illness. Utube Theta Brainwaves to Nirvana.

  16. i like farmers, Ja, farmers believe in seeds.
    seeds are the birth of knowledge.
    knowledge inspires wisdom.
    wisdom generates understanding.
    understanding allows truth to blossom.

    plant your seeds, protect them, water them, allow the blossoms that come forth to enrich your understanding and know they were beyond your control.

    i like farmers and blossoms.  

                                                     ganja farmer.

  17. Science! I love it! People can only ignore the facts for so long. And Big Pharma does a wonderful job of spreading misinformation and out right lies and blinding ignorant folks who refuse to look at the facts and believe something simply because people started saying it in the 1940's, even though people were telling them they were wrong the whole time. Yet they continued to say cannabis has no medical value because pharmaceutical companies were and are lobbing against it, simply because if you can grow a medicine with so many possible applications, you will no longer need to buy their drugs. Which "their drugs" are so much worse for you than cannabis ever could be. We need to not let people around us ignore this anymore. Talk to people about it. Tell people you are in favor of Medical cannabis. If you support it but are afraid to talk about it, you are doing a huge disservice to the cause. We need to talk about our acceptance and embrace it. Being afraid of the stigma, only perpetuates the stigma.

  18. Thank you, gentlemen. You are princes among men for furthering the cause of human beings who wish and need the various uses of this wonderful plant. Those who continue to lie about cannabis and try to prevent legalization of it for profit while  people die & suffer will get theirs in the long run. In their heart of hearts they know it.

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