Massimo Mazzucco | Marijuana, Moon Landings, & The Cancer Conspiracy

Join, Greg Carlwood, for a new episode of The Higherside Chats with guest, Massimo Mazzucco, where they discuss marijuana, moon landings, and the cancer …


  1. Alien Life? Why does everyone immediately think UFOs are alien, when the facts show that the Germans Created the electric flying discs? The so-called foo fighters were first witnessed in WW2 over Europe and in 47' we have Kenneth Arnold seeing the first crafts over the USA, reported by a pilot. Logic dictates that the first place anyone should look is at the German Technologies, which we stole from Peenemunde and now use: rockets, jet engines and flying electric Discs.

    No mention of Royal Raymond Rife and the Electric Cure for Cancer, or Dr. Burzynski with his anti-neoplaston Cancer Cure therapies?

    The reason people turn away from these provable conspiracies, is because the Human nervous system can not handle this kind of subhuman evil, it goes against our very humanity. It requires a very tough internal constitution to be able to handle the horrific reality we find our selves enslaved too. Denial is rampant due to this biological limitation. Much of the poisoning we experience daily weakens the nervous system so that most cannot handle any more than their daily dose of filth from the scum that run this planet.

    People complicate the moon landing hoaxes too much. Though there are hundreds and hundreds of proofs of nasa fakery, it is really simple to debunk. Van Allen's facts and warnings and Werner Von Braun claiming it would require a rocket 5 times the size of the Saturn V to make a trip to the Moon, prove that it never happened.

    I appreciate your guest trying to give the astro-nots the benefit of the doubt, that they may have not known till the end that they were going to fake it. Von Braun said from the get go, that the Saturn V could not send the Command Module and LEM to the Moon. Your guest missed the single most important aspect of the moon landing scam, ICBM's. The Moon Landing Psyop was created to con the Russians during the Cold War, into believing we had rocket technology that could place a nuclear bomb on their door step, proof being we could send men to the Moon. This psyop was compartmentalized, as all are.

    It has even been claimed by some researchers that, Virgil "Gus" Grissom, Edward H. White and Roger Chaffee of the apollo one mission were murdered by nasa in the fire on the launch pad, to silence them, since they had threatened to speak out about the

  2. I'm late to the party, but thanks for another great show, Greg!
    Mainstream cancer treatment is the goose that lays the golden eggs.
    On another note, I'm a bit surprised at the number of your viewers/commenters here that don't think critically enough to study a thing (flat earth) before condemning it outright.
    Keep doing what you do, eventually people will start actually thinking. Blessings!

  3. When I read these comments I realize we are fucked. Flat earth, laughable. There are books that are thousand years old that describe a round earth and the planets orbiting the sun. These books were secrets kept by closed circle groups at the time cause the common man thought the earth was flat.

  4. Very interesting. Love his story about his dog. I helped save my dad's dog from parvo (pretty much a death sentence) with natural ingredients from a local health foods store. We were using IVs and "medicine" given by our vets, but the home brew saved him within a couple days.

  5. This guy is a fucking idiot and not being able to handle weed is proof of that.

    Talking about how you discovered the fucking Internet is of no use to anyone else but his own, and he is failing miserably like any of you old and young fuckers.

    Only my generation is real. You should be ashamed of your general ignorance and horrid life skills.

    Yes, I swear alot, fuckers. Deal with it.

  6. yes chemo is bad! My Dr. told me pre treatment I probably(? ) couldnt make kids. ( I'm Male) It kills fast growing cells. Upside, got rid of body hair LOL! (It grows back after chemo)No more western medicine for me, I wont be a slave to money. I had good insurance and these mutherfuckers still wanted 800 dollars cash from me for every scan ( In the year 2007). which was like every 3 months. MAKING MONEY FROM THE SUFFERING OF OTHERS IS FUCKING SATANIC! IT GIVES SATAN A BAD NAME!

  7. @massimo mazzucco
    I suppose that without Mr Ken Fineberg providing compensaton, no questions asked, & funded by the US government taxpayer, 9/11 victim families would have been told that building collapse deaths were not covered – indeed, why would they have been, given the collapse explanation we have been offered – and told, that for cash compensation they would need to a) show their loved one was killed by plane impact, directly, and b) attach Al Qaeda funding sources & go to Saudi Arabia, to start. Which a judge has now ruled the families can do.
    Notice – Fineberg hasn't asked the Saudis, to cover his mighty costs, even now. The man, in CBC interview 2017, claims the music of Gustav Mahler as his respite, by night at home on the stereo, seeming not to realize the resentment, confusion & violence he clears the way for, by day, all of which Mahler would shudder at.
    Mahler laments the death of infants, and Fineberg pays them out.

  8. Anniversary this week of conspiracy which allowed unsafe operation at Westray Coal in Plymouth NS Canada; all 26 miners below had no chance when spark plus methane plus deep coal dust blew, nevertheless the company lied about their possible survival for days, claiming that there was collapse or cave-in, and protected areas
    Please note, sadly, that 11 dead here could not be traced by a coroner, no remains were recovered. Recall? Exactly the proportions of recovery achieved by coroners in NYC – 1,100 victim remains, utterly gone – meaning to me that explosions not merely collapse or cave-in were involved that day, too

  9. Not only THC, but also ephedrine needs to be legal again in the US. Do you all remember the "Yellow Jacket" ephedrine pills that you could buy at any gas station back in the late 1990s? Those were so awesome. And not dangerous enough to be banned. It was a natural herb that acted very similar to amphetamine. Responsible usage caused no problem. The ban was purely a money matter. The prescription pharmaceutical greed mongers wanted total control over it.

  10. NASA had no choice but to release the fake footage because the radiation fried the film. We did go to the moon and continue to currently today under shadow government programs. The proof is out there you just need to look

  11. All this corruption, incompetency, hidden agendas, illegal drug/human trafficking, unneeded wars and state sanctioned attacks proves without a doubt that the central government form of polity is obsolete and completely fucked up – Anarchy is real freedom and personal empowerment

  12. Does this man actually believe we live on a spinning ball?.? FLAT EARTH is the greatest lie. YouTube: "The Global Lie "to understand why. This whole world deception runs way deeper than he realizes.

  13. cancer is the result of ones body being out of balance. either through fungal overgrowth or an overabundance of toxins. or both. eliminate the toxins, address the other imbalances and the body regulates itself. the body will heal itself if it has the building blocks to do so.

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