1. When did these Homes get married.?? I did not know they were a couple. Which one is " the pitcher", I think the dude in the left is a " " catcher".!! He looks like his ass has been ripped up dozens of times. Just look how he acts,his bum is KILLING him. I hope he gets help because that gay lifestyle is such a pain in the ass. BTW,what do you call a home that has hemorrhoids.?? …. Speedbumps for the pitcher…;)

  2. I do believe that education would be far more effective than prohibition, with everything. Honestly, for a while the drug problem will get worse if we legalize everything, but over time people will educate themselves and I have faith people will just simply get bored of drugs. Most of the fun comes from the fact that it's illegal.

  3. Anyone who's been smoking for months or even years may forget how it is to feel naturally motivated and mentally clear. Maybe you may want to search for Nemery Thentel's website for a way to curb your cravings, and control or completely eliminate your habit within a couple weeks’ time.

  4. I have to agree with everything you guys say in this one. (I got a chuckle about the propaganda film you mention – it reminds me of the bizarre propaganda flick from 1936 called "Reefer Madness" originally called "Tell Your Children" – What a hoot! It's here on YouTube. It was done in all seriousness back then, but is now just a hilariously bad cult classic.)

  5. My (past) extensive experience with both is I'd take marijuana hands down. But in reality, as with "all" things, moderation is the key. Being able to say "stop" and just enjoy the "buzz"is a huge factor too. But if I had to choose between one or the other as my choice, it would be the marijuana. That also could be in part because I love honey buns and milk and back in the day, getting stoned, laughing our butts off and then munching on honey buns and milk..that was a very good day! I don't drink anymore and haven't smoked weed in a very long time either but my wife is a farmer and we're waiting to see if they legalize growing hemp in our state. We're both advocates of the medicinal side of marijuana and hemp.

    Good job guys! Keep up the good works!

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