1. Why abstain for 35 days for basically one trip glorious as it is it only last one night i break 4 days a fortnight and that first hit sends me packing every time.

  2. I seem to have the opposite problem now. I smoked for 4 years straight and quit cold turkey due to some unrelated health problems. Now its been about 4 years without and I want to get back into it but my tolerance is so low that just one tiny hit and I feel horrible and get anxiety and feel a bit sick and my head hurts. I did feel a bit high but not really that much. I'm not sure what to do.

  3. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!!
    It amazes me at how people still believe this. THC in your system has nothing to do with tolerance. It's all about the brain. Your cannabinoid receptors are what recognize THC and process it which makes you high. Once you stop smoking for a while, these receptors dwindle and over time are able to recognize THC and process it more efficiently. 
    So, exercising and juices and whatever else you think may help speed up the process of tolerance is just plain false. The ONLY thing one can do to reduce tolerance and make you higher is TIME. Hope this helped.

  4. Great vid. Last Year, my friend convinced me to take a break for 3 weeks, and when I vaped after waiting those 3 weeks, the high was amazing. Thanks for the info. I will plan a 30 day break soon.

  5. You make great sense of the tolerance issue.

    I am dealing with a major 4 year tolerance and my friends don't seem to understand it at all. I will use this video as an educational tool.

  6. Dude I am with you! I've been smoking every day for four years now,
    and just recently, March 25 2013, I stopped smoking,
    It is now day 20, and I am anxiously waiting my return to the Herb,
    I will be getting STONED I hope! on 4/20. Can't fucking wait. How long have you been smoking

  7. lets say i run 20 miles in a row training for a marathon, would that act like an entire days worth of thc removal.
    im gonna be honest, im weak willed, have no friends and its hard for me not to smoke cause i turn emo when i dont smoke, get all depressed. id be lucky to make it a week without smoking.

  8. If anyone wants to lower their tolerance without quitting, there is a simple way.
    Most times when your tolerance gets that high, you're smoking multiple times a day.
    Instead of just going cold turkey for a week, you can do it slower and easier.
    Just stop smoking more than once a day. Then, start smoking once every other day for a few days. Then start smoking every other 2 days. Then every other 3. And so on. Until you reach the point you wanted to reach. 🙂

    Helps you not "need" it as much too.

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