Marijuana – The Effects in You vs Your Dog

Dog consume your stash? Take it to a veterinarian now. Curious about marijuana use in your pet? The Bow Tie Vet Guy talks about marijuana toxicity and the …


  1. I used to smoke in my room and my dog would come in. I think he got high from the smoke. Ever since then whenever he smells weed he tries to get at it but I stopped letting him in when I smoke because I wasn't sure what effects it would have on him. Is it ok to let him in?

  2. They say it's bad for dogs then he says I DONT KNOW I HAVNT STUDIED IT. well I know for a fact from giving small pieces of pot to my friends dachshund hound over the years it has not much noticable affect other she lays down and sleeps. When I can't find my pipe it's usually in her bed. She loves weed

  3. Yeah, when he says you should definitely bring a dog to the vet if it ate marijuana…scam. There is nothing the vet can do that you can't. However, you must be certain that it is marijuana that is responsible for the symptoms. While cannabis gets dogs totally wrecked, it won't kill them and they only require a safe confy place and time to sober up. There are, as this guy says, other things that can cause the same symptoms that DO require emergency care. An example is 5-HTP. My dog snatched a bottle of 5-HTP off my dresser once and chewed off the cap and chewed up a couple of capsules before I caught her. While she didn't get a dangerous dose, it was enough to cause ataxia and gave me quite a scare. I monitored her body temperature, and it stayed normal. If it had risen, at all, emergency care would have been necessary.

    So remember: cannabis is very intoxicating but harmless but if you are not absolutely certain that cannabis is the cause of the symptoms get to the vet, right away. But don't waste your money taking a stoned dog to the vet. They will charge you big money to do NOTHING.

  4. My 90lb American Bulldog picked up some of my distillate and chewed the syringe enough to get the distillate out. I feel horrible but I’m told she will be ok. She was very tipsy and totally tripping out. She didn’t overdose but she has a very bad reaction to THC. I would never give my animals weed from choice, she has never shown interest in any of it, flower or extract. Until recently and I was honestly scared shitless!

  5. I have just been researching CBC for my dog for anxiety. We have tried everything, thunder shirt, over the counter pet calm pills, doggie music, heart beat stuffed animal. It's separation anxiety and I really don't want to give him actual meds. Thought this would help. Thanks for letting me know about it.

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