1. I knew it. This weed is of the devil. I can smell it on the street corners, near black jazz musicians. The crazy eyed piano players. It defies logic and reasoning. It's going to drive its abusers into hard heroin addiction or insanity!

  2. @MrChannel5news SUCH a moron … I pity you. Bronchitis, emphysema, asthma … Stop smoking, start eating it. Reduces learning ability? That's fucking poetic … Is that some sort of disease i'm not aware of? Is that the diagnosis your doc gave you and you blamed it on the reefer? What is it man? C'mon … Marijuana does not kill man you need to chill out. Relax yo ass.

    Btw, how does the kool aid taste? Havent tried it yet ..

  3. Weed causes cancer which kills people, WHAT? weed hasnt killed anybody you think people die from marijuana? Marijuana causes cancer WHICH kills people. Same as tobacco its not the tobacco that kills you its the cancer from the tobacco that kills you. Dumbass you smoke marijuana for a long time there are alot of side effects. Bronchitis, reduces learning ability, emphysema, bronchial asthma, limits the capacity to resorb and retain information, etc. So all you dumbasses marijuana KILLS.

  4. @supermechadeath333 because the cannabis plant also provides an excellent resource for producing fabric. not quite coincidentally, the committee that decided to make it illegal consisted mostly of people who were deeply involved in the cotton industry.

  5. This was so well written and screen played back in those days. A really great old, old movie. I love the cast, especially one of the co-stars, the wicked witch that was in the Wizard of Oz. She went from a broom to a old motor scooter.

  6. Funny to watch. Just another propaganda film like Refer Madness. Even after all the brainwashing, this God given gift has gone mainstream. Most of us have tried it and know it isnt addictive, and know its good medicine that you cannot OD on. Its only side effects are temporary, mild, and found to be pleasant for the majority.

  7. @industrialhemprocks
    Just a heads up: some paranoid uneducated peson marked your comment as Spam. LOL! I guess they are hoping to keep the rest of the people that might see your comment ignorant

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