1. Bannered has heavily invested in stock of marijuana . I know because I received a email asking me if I wanted to invest in it .Bannered and others in cooperate America are going to be laughing all the way to the bank 🏦 . Since they can no longer put you in prisoners in institutions they can imprison you in the mind . It use to be if black women had weed in there system they would take your child and you would be in trouble .I had a family member that they tried to do that . Kim Fox's has stated that everyone that's.been has a record for weed will be free from jail . You know they got to find a ways to lock you up .They exchange one criminalize thing for another .

  2. Pretty sure white folks are getting the same attack my man. But that ruins the "white man attacking black man" argument. Pretty sure its more of a "evil man attacking good man" situation.I see you throw alot of 👌👌👌's, so you cant focus on that absolute truth.. So carry on Malcolm…
    I do agree with everything else and thank you for putting this info out.

  3. Peace and blessings to you big brother!! Very very needed!!! I appreciate your research and your example of actual facts!!! One of my mentors which is from the Dogon tribe, always tells me that any smoke in the lungs involuntary or voluntary is never good!!! What are your thoughts on the latter thought? Peace and blessings to you Brother Dr. Wesley!!!

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