Marijuana legalization threatened by Attorney General Sessions

Reason Magazine editor-in-chief Matt Welch and Washington Times columnist Madison Gesiotto discuss Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to overturn an …


  1. I feel that Jeff session is stuck in the 50s he still believes all the bureaucratic lies that they said about marijuana in the 1950s he's narrow-minded he doesn't want this country to go forward and he wants to stick us and keep us and dark times I bet he is for the alcohol people though that's okay he thinks. United States census and statistics have shown that alcohol kills more people than any type of substance are drug in the United States and across the world. I wonder how much money gets kicked back to Jeff session from the CEOs that do business with alcohol he probably gets a lot of money he needs to go we got one choice people vote him out get him out of there he's holding this country back he's an idiot he's narrow-minded and he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. He's an idiot. Marijuana is harmless it is not a gateway drug for people that have sense and morals alcohol is a killer I've never heard anybody getting killed or getting hurt smoking pot alcohol I've lost a lot of friends in a lot of family over it you tell me Jeff session you don't want to better this country have better roads better schools all he cares about is lining his pockets with the alcohol money that they kick back to him

  2. The issue is illegal immigration, not Cannabis. Currently, and for the last ten years or more, one hundred thousand illegal aliens cross the border every month. When illegal aliens arrive, they begin having children and immediately receive cash-aid, food-stamps, medical, and college grants. Horribly enough, but true, illegals also use Social Security Numbers of law abiding United States citizens to collect Social Security benefits and retirement, which has been a thirty year problem.
    Currently there are approximately twenty million illegal aliens in the United States; the majority using false names and false Social Security Numbers. The illegal's born here that you think are legal, they are using the false name given them by their illegal parents that came here using false names and false Social Security Numbers.

  3. This Chick is an IDIOT! I mean look at the BIGGER picture Hon. Marijuana Means $$. If you go afte the Pot Heads overcrowded jails will be even more overcrowded over Petty crimes such as marijuana use. War on Drugs drugs is a sham! Doesn't work. Legalize this shit already and get it over with. I don't drink and I don't smoke pot. But I done both and alcohol is a lot worse.

  4. Are people retarded? More drivers in Colorado tested for cannabis? Uh fucking DUH! But that's doesn't mean they are high and driving. Weed is the ONLY drug that you can test positive for a month later with just one use bc of where pot stores which is in fat cells. They purposefully ignore that little bit of fact.

    Cannabis doesn't make you aggressive, unlike alcohol, it doesn't make you reckless unlike alcohol, doesn't lower your inhibitions, it does have medical benefits, it does allow you to maintain a clear head with your decisions, it doesn't kill your brain cells, it has NEVER had a single death or overdose.

    This is utterly ridiculous and that woman can fuck off with Jeff Sessions somewhere else.

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