Marijuana legalization, potency, and reform – Full interview with Mark Kleiman | VIEWPOINT

NYU’s Mark Kleiman is one of the top experts in public policy when it comes to marijuana. He discusses marijuana legalization and all of its nuances with AEI …


  1. The potency of legal marijuana is supposed to be greater then Mexican weed. I can smoke legal weed and I don't feel it gets me anymore stone then Mexican weed (in fact the opposite). The legal weed smells good but it doesn't taste better then some of the Mexican weed. I like the Mexican weed better but now I'm having trouble getting it. I think they are saying legal weed is stronger. (Placebo effect) to fad out the actual good Mexican weed, making it harder to get. I get a better type of high with Mexican weed and it is cheeper. I'm to the point of quitting because legal weed doesn't seem to be worth it to me.

  2. I am SHOCKED! I cannot believe this guy is considered an expert. He is so misinformed and generalising in such an ignorant and dangerous manner. Please don't watch this for information on cannabis use!

  3. U got it backward weed got weaker over the years not stronger i have toked over 30 years when was young there was stuff a pinner get 5 so wasted u couldn't get off u seat now u can smoke a pound still can't get that high its a fact .

  4. I think the guy has some good Ideas but its not his business or the governments to protect someone from themselves. Portugal had a better idea in that they just put money into addiction and abuse programs which is a better idea that most of this guys prescriptions via state run bureaucracies.

  5. this guy don't take into account that the numbers are probably way off because there are probably way less people afraid to admit it. and if you don't want kids to do it making it legal for 21 or older will change it dramatically. as a kid it was easy to get weed it's illegal to sale to anyone so who cares how old you are, but no one would sale alcohol because they don't want to lose their job or business.

  6. Conservatives should be for marijuana legalization they need to move on from this i like to think of myself as a conservative but these guys need to start having conversation. A lot of "possibly" and "this hasn't been proven"

  7. Also, bullshit, there is significant breeding for high CBD strains, dipshits. Furthermore actually look at what's on sale – where cannabis is legal you can select for THC/CBD ratios. Fuck, I've had 0 THC edibles. Just more lies and bullshit opinions from the AEI.

  8. Ok, so the potency is going up. So?
    He goes through the science behind breeding for increased THC being mutually exclusive with the "good" chemicals cannabis usually contains. He makes a vague statement about "increased risk of dependency", but beyond that, there really isn't anything to be alarmed about.
    Most people don't smoke for the health benefits of CBD and the other beneficial chemicals. Most just want to get high.
    I find it difficult to be alarmed about increased potency of cannabis when there's essentially no such thing as a THC overdose.
    Combine that with the fact that I'm a 20 min drive away from a store where I can legally buy a bottle of 95% alcohol (Everclear), which has a very high risk of causing accidental alcohol poisoning if you don't know what you're doing.

    While cannabis remains illegal, it will always be (rightfully, I think) compared to legal substances that pose a much greater danger. There is simply no logical way to discredit the argument that a comparatively harmless substance should remain illegal, while legal products (primarily cigarettes and alcohol) regularly cause the death of their users simply through use of said product.

  9. I have never used cannabis. It's illegal where I live. Still there is a HUGE medical potential in it and it's almost criminal to have it as schedule 1 drug so all of it's potential can not be researched widely. I am pro cannabis even when I've never used and never plan to. How I personally feel about it does not affect the facts and I hope everyone would judge it in the same way. You might hate 'potheads' and that's totally fine. I hate drunk people, but that doesn't mean I am looking to make alcohol illegal.

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