Marijuana Legalization Documentary 2013

The Official Marijuana Legalization Video made. Produced by Juan Perales and Tanner Rule. Alot of work done on this so please enjoy. We don’t Judge, we just …


  1. I just love seeing Reagan up there with his anti cannabis propaganda when if he would of legalized it and used it he never would of been so bad off with Alzheimer's disease. Gotta love karma.

  2. I can't believe Chris Vaughn said, "Unlike alcohol, it (Marijuana) affects people around you. Alcohol is far worse than weed. It's common knowledge among the more open-minded people.

  3. Not to many people think about the long term effects though. A study was done that over the course of 15 years of regular marijuana use that your IQ could drop about 8 points. Also, the laziness factor. Most people tend to be lazier while smoking, as well as eat unhealthy foods, which causes weight, and other health problems. Also, marijuana can develop schizophrenia in later years of regular use. It also effects the hypothalamus, and the memory centre of your brain, as well as cognitive centre.

  4. people who sell weed are cool and all but they should look for other ways of makin money.. thatll only get them into trouble. yea its hard finding a job and getting money doing honest work but is it worth goin to jail for? not in my view.

  5. While I wholeheartedly agree marijuana should become legalized, many of the arguments made in this documentary can be rebutted against quite easily, take a moment and switch sides on the argument, having a perspective from both sides will help you strengthen your argument one way or the other.

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