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  2. They will not support marijuana as cure for cancer.  Just imagine health care connected companies from pharma to hospitals will lose heck of a lot if patients has access to alternatives like marijuana.    Just look around you, negative press are being propagated around the world to dismantle the idea of marijuana as a cure.   The end of the day it's all about profit.

  3. thay would lose to much money on a global scale,, if weed was legal,, remember you have medical, beer,cigarettes and government that oppose the legalization of weed ,,, money being one of the main factors, but at the same time thay are the ones that are flooding our bodys with these sicknesses,, because thay are clear that thay want depopulation on a global scale and ,, why would thay want someone clear of the cancer thay gave them in the firstplace ,,, by the legislation of weed you would see major profits from cigarettes, beer , and medicine drop and you would see many people not needing as much medical attention… this is what we are up ,, and faceing …

  4. Whole plant, entourage effect,66 cannabinoids. I do not like that they want to isolate a few compounds and intend to synthesize it in a lab and then sell it to people as a pill.  I think we should push for the whole plant to be legalized for use. I also think we stop being so worried about the psychoactive effects. We can figure out which strains and dosages are better for people through careful trial and error and then individuals can intuitively figure out what is best for them.

  5. Depressing thing is their own specialists told them about this in early 90's only took 20+ years for it to get through. I feel bad for the needless sufferers but it's democracy just a slow moving one

  6. That sounds like nonsense. If marijuana is blocking cancer cell growth, then what other cells is it inhibiting? If it is anything like chemotherapy which simultaneously affects other fast dividing cells like hair follicles and sex cells then you might expect it to be harmful in the same way. Is there any evidence that cannabis causes baldness and infertility? Ha!

  7. I bet big pharma would have a study that says it makes your hair fall out and make you sterile. There's no money in it for them so the will continue to lobby and our sell out politicians taking bribes, I mean campaign contributions.

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