Marijuana indoor grow 7 (harvest)

hey folks here my third time growing marijuana is done! these are my last 4 plants from 7 lemon skunk that i had. in this video i made my first hash with the trims i …


  1. @t3ltho3st3r NO don't legalise it. simply decide not to be nannied. Claim you're divinity or be some one elses bitch. The answer lies in healing your inner child(it's the peak off ambition,you're wholeness.everything else is your bullshit)

  2. @maxisme21 depends on the quality, the best hash in the world is alot more potent than any weed can be, because its essentially compressed trichomes which contain the thc, but you can also get very shit hash usally called soapbar, worse than pretty much any weed, mixed to shit with rubbish, tires, plastic bags, oil, henna ink, loadsa shit

  3. @ridesdeepsnow do something else better than talking shit on other peoples grow when you probably smoke mexican brick.. get over yourself everyone has different oppions. buds just really sticky.

  4. You can get 1lb off of 6 plants under a 400watt hp using coco coir no problem. That's vegging them for 4 to 6 weeks before flowering. It all depends on the strain your growing, that case it was white rhino.

  5. veg'in longer doesn't decrease potency…Flowering to long or not long enough does…Veg'in longer matures the plant, which leads to bigger bushes and more bud sites when placed into flowering.

  6. @JaredProject flowering right after root formation is SOG and you can end up with just as much bud with alot of small plants as you would with a couple big ones and it takes a month at the least off the time its a perpetual harvest

  7. so as soon as you planted them you put the light on 12 hours on/12 hours off, and left it?? if so thats why you only got 120g, you should let them veg from now on

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