Marijuana Harvest In California 2011

See All The Keppers Videos In HQ On The YouTube marijuana420grower Channel . Marijuana Harvest In California 2011. The Keepers Visit To The Marijuana …


  1. MUCH APPRECIATION FOR YOU AND THE GANJA BRO… VERY INFORMATIVE AND CHILL VIBES…. lovin the light depo vid also … great info as well … light depos can be very good examples of outdoor organics.. almost prefer them over indoor …

  2. if you cut the plant at the base for harvest, the plant will grow again or goes to die?
    because I have a marijuana plant, and I fear that by cutting the base for the harvest she will die. is my first experience and I need this information

  3. very beautyful video, this plant belongs also to mother nature, therefore i am also for legalizing cannabis all over the world, but not just as a medical propose, i am not sick(hope so) and i dont have to have an illness to smoke the flower of this wonderful plant, but it seems to me that you just want to legalize it for people who have issues, but thats not fair, we have as humans also the right to get weed, which we can buy official in coffeeshops,if others can!! but instead dealers get richer

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