Marijuana Growing Time Lapse Video LED's BEAT HID!

Time lapse video of marijuana being grown under LED lights from Hydro Grow LED. 500 WATTS of HYDRO GROW LED lights outperformed 1200 WATTS of …


  1. These are sure some healthy girls, alright; and 5 years later, the lights are even better. I'll soon be sending away for a PlatinumLed sized perfectly for 6 plants! And now it's perfectly LEGAL!!

  2. Good video. I liked to see your plants dry out and then get watered. I also have a small flood tray under two different lights. Half the tray is LED the other half is is a 600 watt HID turned down some. The LED side is so different and I think out performing the HID side. The flowers are more dense, frostier and more uniform in the canopy. The HID side is hotter and the plants stretch. Under a microscope the glands are stacked much fuller and rounder on the LED side. The LED I believe is better, weird.

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