1. The dr straight took me off my benzos.. been on them everyday for 2 years now… i always show im responsible with them!!! My original dr been sick for 2 months… and his assistant straight up took me off today.. so here comes the AFIB and 290 bpm heart rate!!! Has anyone quits bezos suddenly and just smoked medical weed?

  2. Just started my taper and sleep started to go, tried a couple puffs of thc cbd 1:1 for last 4 days and sleep restored. But the group I am working with says it causes toxic levels of the benzo to accumulate because of the pathway in the liver. Thoughts

  3. Very sensible. Weed is VERY likely to cause panic attacks it you’re prone to it – make sure your benzo withdrawal is reasonably paced before attempting this

    If you don’t get weed panic attacks yet , you don’t want to get a first one and cause your lizard brain to map weed to panic attacks and it becomes a thing l

    In my exp, the main issue is 1) the high can be too intense which makes your brain have a very weak defense against panic 2) it you get too high your heart rate will soar from resting to 90+ which you will notice and then will start a panic spiral

    Start small. In my experience the initial high kinda sucks and is full of anxiety but about 30m to 1hr later the ‘comedown’ part of the high feels fantastic and is worth it

  4. It doesn’t work for me it will make you Paranoid. Especially if you don’t know what your getting. If you can’t get a specific strand from a state were it’s legal. Don’t get it! Because high THC is not your friend.

  5. Indica helped me get off half my dose of xanax 1 year ago but only a certain brand name. The brand was no longer available , so that got me no help i tried other indica oil s and nothing worked . Btw im suffering from xanax withdrawls on 0.5valium tapering myself off..been on valium for 10 days im terrified to feel the withdrawls getting off this now

  6. Weed gave me huge panic attacks. The way to recovery for me is to stay clean, no drug, no meds, no alcohol. I focus on my family, my work, my music, and I play video games 🙂 (I'm 44 yo)

  7. I got hurt so bad it doesn’t get me high. I have akathisia. It would work but I have to take to much.
    Costly …… still feel. Ashamed. 🥺. Indica only. Purples. Small dosing hits. Not huge …. make sure your mmj is clean of pesticides.

  8. Oh Lord NO ! MJ would give me a instant panic attack. I used to smoke when I was younger ( 57 now ) but about 2,007 or so, I gave it up because it caused panic attacks. Would have to drink a few beers to calm down. No way

  9. I fully support people's freedom of choice to smoke the stuff, despite what my negative consequences using it regularly, several times a day over a 2 year period from 79-81 while in high school. I loved it. My bowl, my strobe light, and chilling to Pink Floyd, etc with the head phones on. Then after awhile, no matter how much I smoked, I could not get high. The stuff did a tap dance of my memory and cognition, not unlike those who experience protracted withdrawal symptoms from benzos, like what I went through during the 5-6 months of my 50% taper. From what I understand, regular pot smokers shrink or atrophy the grey matter of their brains, but the white matter is able to compensate. Or it may have been the white matter that atrophies, and the grey matter that compensates. You get the picture. After awhile, the white matter cannot compensate anymore, and that's when I went into the "oh , wow man" syndrome. Would tell my parents I was going up to the 7-11 to get a slurpee, smoke a few bowls, and walk right past my own house on the way home, not able to recognize it. Having to think really hard to remember my own home telephone number, etc. I knew that stuff messed me up, and quit. After about a year, started to get back to normal. After 2 years, probably 90% recovered. As the man said, within reason. I started out a joint a day and progressed to like half an oz a day. Like benzos, I abused it. Like benzos, I had repercussions. Hopefully like benzos, I will make a relatively speedy recovery. I do not mean to be the party pooper here, but if you abuse pot or benzos or anything for that matter, be prepared to accept the consequences. Don't be immature and blame the dealer, or the makers of rolling paper, or your doctor, or the drug companies. You chose to do this because it made you feel good. That buck stops there. Personal self responsibility. Make your own bed accordingly.

  10. This is off topic. But, I have been going through benzo wd for a very very long time. What I feel is the sensation of almost pop rocks or fizzing in my brain. Like my nerve ends are raw and firing like crazy. I have yet to find anyone who can relate to this. In your experience, have you heard of anything like this? Feels like every nerve in my brain is raw. It’s extremely painful and very disturbing.

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