Marijuana E Liquid ADVANCED Tutorial HOW TO MAKE Cannabis E Juice from weed or keif

NEW 2017 Method! Make pure vapeable e liquid at home WITHOUT the use of any glycerin or glycol. Check links for ingredients below BUY Terpene …


  1. They only have 3 strain specific terpene mixes. The ratio of all the terpenes to cannabinoids in a strain is what determines it's medicinal properties and effectiveness. Wouldn't it be better to extract the terpenes from the material you'll use for the extract?

  2. I just got a bottle of 760 glass. It’s a bit expensive BUT in the long run I save thousands because of 760 glass ejmix
    It literally does all the work for you all u have to do is put dabs and ejmix in a shot glass heat it how u want for about 15 seconds stir and fill ur cape of choice. 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  3. I really thank you for doing this video it help out a lot. To everyone watching I found out that with rosin you sent really need to mix it with terps. You can literally put 1 gram of rosin in the glass container and cover it and heat it up until in bubbles. Keep it bubbling for 5 mins it should go through different consistencies and after it turns liquidy then you can cool it down. You can load it to your vape cart

  4. High terpene levels like this can be dangerous, it is currently in research so I can’t say how bad it really is, but a safe amount thought by most is 10% terpenes for the amount of wax you use, for example, using 1 gram of concentrate, then use .1 gram of terpenes, if consistency is a worry with rosin, pressing at slightly different heats can change how shattery it is, so starting with a saucier rosin will help you use less terpenes

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