Marijuana Documentary; Is Marijuana The Cure For Cancer And Other Diseases?

Marijuana Documentary Is marijuana the tree of life? Does Marijuana (weed) Treat Cancer? Does Cannabis Cure Cancer? “For the tree of life hath blossomed …


  1. Up until about 100 years ago, Cannabis ,Hemp was found everywhere on
    Earth. It has helped shaped all mammals and the environment. It grows
    from a seed to maturity in 12-16 weeks. 1 Acre may produce as much
    durable Paper, as 4 Acres of Trees! Think about that the next time you
    are on the toilet. Hemp was supposed to used in nearly everything for
    global sustainability.  It gives "purification" where it grows. "Hemp"
    should be part of Everything, man made, –  including: medicines, health
    foods, fuel, energy, plastics, computers, appliances, all textiles,
    building materials, animal feed & bedding, ect. Our race went very
    wrong outlawing hemp! It was a law for Our forefathers in the original
    13 colonies, to grow it. They also used it as money, even to pay their
    taxes! George Washington famously said; plant it everywhere!-on his Mt.
    Vernon estate.
    The simple Fact that all mammals have "Endcannabinoid Systems (ECS)" =
    we need this system to be healthy & survive. The ECS
    indicates that 1) We co-evolved eating it and 2) It is crucial that we
    all consume/ingest the
    Cannabis Plant. All mammals co-evolved eating it, that's why
    it is part of our physiology. This plant is best classified as a
    "Vegetable" and by consuming it, it keeps us very, very Healthy. Eating
    it would; help Generate
    our Immune System, Repair our DNA and hundreds of other conditions. The
    ECS is Imperative to maintaining our health (all mammals)! Cannabinoid
    balance and fuel the human ECS, regulating the bodies; Immune System,
    patterns, Mood, Appetite & Pain. Better than "vitamins", all mammals
    Need Cannabinoids to Function Properly! Since 1937 prohibition,
    cancers and diseases have been Steadily Increasing, most people now
    suffer from "ECS Deficiencies", that usually
    manifests itself into other forms of illness, such as: Autoimmune
    diseases, Depression,
    Mental Illness including bipolar, most Nero degenerative conditions,
    severe Pain, Sleep disorders, etc.! Another way it helps our health is
    through food supply. Cannabinoids that are only found in CANNABIS  (no
    where else on Earth) are identical in molecular structure with human
    Mothers Breast Milk Cannabinoids! This is the proof that we are supposed
    to ingest them and they are healthy. It gets even worse,… Prior to
    1937, pot was part of everyones "food
    chain". Dairy cows Ate feral Hemp (rich in CDB) then passed the CBD's to
    humans through their Milk. Pigs, Chickens & other livestock also
    ate feral hemp and the CBD's were in their Meats & Eggs. Since
    Prohibition, the gov. has eradicated all forms of feral & cultivated
    hemp, thus Eliminating CBD from the human diet. ECS deficiencies are
    responsible for countless human suffering and millions of premature
    Deaths. Cannabis once grew Everywhere from pole to pole, the most
    versatile plant, until Man eradicated it. The powerful, greedy few have
    brainwashed the planet and eradicated hemp everywhere. The dysfunction
    that we live with, most think is
    the "norm". We must re-educate our fellow neighbor, for "word of mouth"
    is the Only way to do so. The most; Productive, Healing, Sustainable
    (60,000 improved uses) and Environment & Biologic necessity, should 
    really be called; The Everything Plant! Since hemp plants don’t produce
    nectar, it’s up to "Wind" and not insects
    to spread pollen. Heavy pollinators including
    bumblebees as well as many other types of bees were attracted to the
    pollen produced by hemp. Without pollen, bees don’t have any other
    source of protein for their hive; it’s also crucial for feeding their
    young. Hemp can be used as a food source for pollinators when no other
    is available, especially during the late-season. Wind-pollinated hemp
    plants exhibit mass pollen shedding,”  “At this point in the season,
    many crops have completed bloom
    leading to a dearth of nutritional resources for pollinators.” “Thus,
    hemp becomes a valuable pollen source for foraging bees,
    giving it the potential to have a strong ecological value.” Recent
    evidence indicates that hemp were spread throughout North America
    "naturally"!, Hemp seeds were transported across large distances and
    then expelled by various animals, their digestive systems allowed the
    seeds to sprout faster, making them more viable to grow. The more places
    the hemp plant grows, the Healthier our environments. On a global
    scale, hemp really can save our Earth. This plan is completely viable,
    however getting everyone on the same page would require massive
    re-educating with help from the media, that would also require the
    biggest corporations to comply… RUSH: The men who hold high places,
    must be the Ones to Start, mold a new reality, Closer to the Heart! The
    educated ones are already manifesting a healthy, peaceful and
    sustainable Future. fb=Utilize Potman

  2. I hear that the tree of life bears its fruit every month. does cannabis do that? i believe every fruit tree has seeds inside itself which makes cannabis a fruit tree according to horticulture and the book of genesis if cannabis IS the tree of life could someone show me a cannabis tree bearing fruit (bud) every month, if someone can show me that, i may believe this.

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