Marijuana Causes Certain People To . . .

Researchers are trying to figure out why it is that marijuana affects people differently. Some people might get a light buzz other people kind of go nuts when they …


  1. I've smoked a few times in different states with different people had same reaction. Felt light headed like I was gonna pass out. Eventually I just faded away and went into a seizure and pissed myself. They quit hanging out w me 😂

    This happened 2 other times so it couldn't have been laced w anything. Was in different places different weed etc different people.

    It's like I forget to breathe. Was telling myself ok man breathe in and out. Once i felt better, I stopped telling myself that and faded. Was like I was breathing manually or something.

    What I DID find out though that helps alot is if I have a couple beers around. It calms me down, I don't really care, just sit back and nod my head yes to everything being said even if they ain't talkin to me lol

    My friend is a huge smoker and he got some SUPER GREEN like neon stuff. WA afraid to smoke it. Said f it and did. After 5 mins he was like Aye superman get the car were Goin to the ER..

    I said hold on man I got a 40 of budweiser. He took 2 big swigs of it and after 5 mins he calmed wayyy down. And then all was good.

    So something about beer mixing w weed seems to help people who have a hard time injesting it he it smoke, vape, edibles etc. Hope this helps anyone out there.

  2. I smoke every night before bed and have been for the past 3 years yet every time, whether I smoke in public/ with friends or by myself I STILL TWEAK!! No I don’t get paranoid, I actually enjoy the high but I’m never as laid back as my friends are… it’s so strange!

  3. I was having a bad night, looked like my relationship was coming to an end because they're moving across the country. (It is) Had some vodka. Hours later hit a weed pen after a week long break. Less than an hour passed by and i was shaking uncontrollably and my heart was racing. I thought i was gonna stop breathing. I have been smoking for almost a year, certain months I'd smoke every single day. But that was the first time I ever experienced intense tremors. Would not recommend. This was last night lol. Don't smoke weed when you're overwhelmed with negative emotions

  4. I once got high and my whole body went cold, i had a rapid heart rate, and I kept twitching uncontrollably (almost like a seizure). Is this something to worry about or is it normal?

  5. Usually it’s not good to smoke weed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. You can go through psychosis from smoking too much with those. That’s why you gotta limit yourself to how much you smoke.

  6. It doesn't help me with my depression. I've waited for 10 years for it to be finally legalized. Only to be disappointed. Seems they don't care whom needs to live a normal life, only commercialized THC to get people high

  7. Maybe just me because I have seen no one else talk about this but I feel like I'm falling and that's usually when I feel really sick I sink into the floor slowly and I actually drift down as well getting more anxious. Then you just feel shitty for the next 2, 3 hours. This only happens to me when I have a high dosage of edibles

  8. Yesterday I experienced a lot of trembling after doing it even after putting a blanket on. Also felt like I was being punished for the kind of person I can be sometimes. Is this weird? Both parts

  9. i got high couple days ago with old weed, my whole body went cold and I kept twitching uncontrollably (almost like a seizure) it was so weird. + when i looked down both of my feet were fighting one another

  10. people really are thick and retarded and handicapped when it comes to drugs believe me they thick it makes you fly they think druggies are hnest just like aspirations worker paul nugent thinking my ex loved me my ex was a villian well i wont be fooled again and im trying to stop people out there from being so thick so retarded i hope it works outu in the end

  11. I smoked 5 hits of my step dads blunt . while in the kitchen my mom was cooking and my step dad was smoking in the living room . I was happy smiling and then all of a sudden I don’t remember anything I started having almost like a seizure and my eyes would roll in the back of my head . I woke up out of whatever stat of mind I was in because my mom started screaming I woke up me falling on the ground banging my head off things . My family was screaming freaking out . I was terrified. the They never seen someone react that way to weed . I went in my room having to throw up but my body wound let me . Can someone please explain this .

  12. I find that low doses are fine, but if you smoke just a lil too much, it makes you anxious, disassociate from reality, and kinda like mental. It also depends on the tolerance. A bigger tolerance makes more weed in yourseystem put you to sleep, but with no tolerance you feel like you're going mad.

  13. Hello people. Want to share my experience. I ve once got some stinky ass weed, it smelled little like mold and it tasted really bad, like dirt. Though, it hasnt had any mold on it or anything. But when I tried it with my mini bong, Ive put yhere bout 0.2grams, Ive took 3-5 big hits and I was so goddman confused, I literally felt very paranoid, dizzy, weird, out of body, the mouth was very very dry, and then when Ive had to hid the stuff into place, where I had to sit, after standing up – my vission went blind, it went black like with small small white dots, very small… and then it gone completly black and I had to lay down on my bed. I felt horrible! Couldnt talk a shit, my voice wasnt my voice and everything felt so different… Really didnt liked it, and the next day the out of body experience didnt go away, it gone after few weeks, it basically faded away… Has anyone ever, or heard someone who experienced somehting similar? and most important, when I close my eyes, everything spins and in the end it feels like im dying and the vision goes white with spinning blacks… and then it feels like i cant almost breathe and that i would throw up. And then when I open my eyes I get feeling like im coming from dead and it still feels shit…

  14. For some reason i feel like im dying when i smoke weed. I always have panic attack and when im high i forget who i am. Now i dont know if who im buying it from sprayed chemicals on it cause last time i smoked it felt like a spice trip.

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  16. im 13 and i weigh 85 pounds and took 7 hits i am tripping i think im dead. the smoke absorbed into my skin and went into my blood stream then to my brain and starting interacting with it. that's what i think.

    Edit: I'm sorry next 2 days and this comment is stupid. i thought it was a genius comment. i was really messed up

  17. We have all had these bad experiences from weed like 99 percent of the comments had bad experience yet we will continue to smoke agen and again and we will vote to legalize it but why when its doin all this bad shit to us after we smoke it ? Addiction is a bitch if you smoke it and it affects u ina bad way please dont eat it you will most likely hate it the high will be even more intense well guess it was for me atleast cos i had a cake but i didnt no i wasnt suppose to eat the whole cake lol

  18. When I'm crazy high time passes either too fast or too slow. Like sometimes I look away and next thing you know it's 20 later and then I stare at the ceiling for an hour and it's only 5 mins later. Idk maybe I'm just crazy

  19. When I’m high I hear things e.g people talking, trains on my left or right ear to name a few, if I look at the trees they change shape and the sky changes colour I feel more connected to everything and I get bad twitches

  20. When I’m high time goes INCREDIBLY slow. Every 5-10 mins feels like at least an hour. I kept looking at the clock and only seeing a few mins went by just being mind blown from it. Sensations in touch and hear are crazy enhanced. I was listening to the rain outside and I could choose what I wanted to hear. I could single out a individual dripping sound and block everything else out and just listen it. Boarder line X-Men powers. Life altering experience.

  21. Last night I got high and my vision started getting blurry And I was out of my body then when I stood everything started going black feeling like I was going to pass out , I kept having these twitches and I was shaking then I felt like I was going to get sick and pass out at the same time worse feeling ever then I ended up throwing up. After that I was just twitching randomly I slept and when I woke up my mind is still slow comprehending things

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