1. I'm using foxfarm big bloom. Do I not need CaliMagic? My plants sore both signs of too much magnesium as well as too little. The healthy leaves are dark green and some of the plants have stunted growth. The unhealthy leaves have the rust spots and some of my largest fan leaves are just covered.

  2. Im in my first week of flowering and my plants start to showing yellow tips on the new leafs , is that okay ?
    By the way im growing with peat moss mixed with worm compost .

  3. First time grower here….I did not know my girls were magnesium deficient. I'm in week 2 of bud and her leaves are curling SO bad I'm freaking out feeling like she's going to die 😭😭 please tell me this is fixable !?!?!?

  4. Hi mate, ive got yellow and brown spots on my leaves. Ive been growing in soil / compost and always had the ph level at 6.8.
    I gave it organic fertiliser with right dosage but just dont know what to do as the yellowing and browning is spreading to the top leaves.
    Ive given the plants a full ph flush a couple of days ago and pulled off the dead leaves. I also gave the plants some cal mag the other day. How long will it take for me to see signs of progression ? Im so lost its frustrating as hell lol

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