1. "Simply smoking marijuana doesn't metastasize cancer." I sure hope smoking weed doesn't metastasize cancer. That means it causes the cancer to spread throughout the body. That's not helpful.

  2. my mom survived cervical cancer last year only to find her liver FULL of cysts last month… they don't know whether the cancer spread and because she can't afford health care, they won't prescribe anything for the pain… I'm bout to go buy her a blunt

  3. it's illegal because Big Pharma doesn't want people being able to grow their own meds, instead they'd MUCH RATHER you buy THEIR meds, that we OBVIOUSLY CANNOT make or grow ourselves. SIMPLE!!

  4. The concern of poisoning your body with chemo drugs seems  to be mute but the chance of getting a little happy off of a PLANT is disturbing?  This study is 2 years old an still folks are not screaming for change.  People are dying due to ignorant choices by a few.  What if it was you or someone you loved that could be helped?  Speak up folks.  Cannabis Kills Cancer and helps heal the body in so many ways~~~Educate and share the knowledge.  

  5. SO, if cigarettes cause cancer and weed cures it, then am I poisoning and curing myself everyday by smoking both? More importantly, could the weed that I'm smoking prevent the onset of cancer that might surface due to the cigarettes that I'm smoking?

  6. It can, from excessive use of like 40 years.

    If anything it's safer than alcohol and drinking. However, it's still a drug with tar in it.

    No smoking is a + for your physical health. Only mental health.

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  8. I always have hated drinking, and always did love smoking. Now, and for the longest time, I am surrounded by people who are totally against marijuana and it sucks because I have gone many many years without smoking when I could have been being relieved of so much by smoking. I hope to smoke again soon, and many more times after.

  9. The people who dont agree with pot are flat out stupid they obviously dont see alllll of the health benefits that pot has in it. Maybe the CURE for cancer is hidden in the marijuana but i guess we will never know because dont forget its BAD

  10. Doritos…. I understand your getting the word out about this amazing discovery but honestly its ignorant comments like that that give people the same perspective about marijuana… people need to put all the bullshit behind them and realize this is a miracle drug with more than one medical benefit.. this topic needs to be taken more serious, and for that to happen this kind of immature ignorance needs to stop…

  11. actually, studies have shown that marijuana grows brain cells, instead of damaging it.. when you are high you are constantly thinking of things.. think about it.. and with your lungs… it doesnt damage your lungs.. it also expands your lungs, helping you breathe better.. thats why they also prescribe it to asthma patients.. do your reaserch before you keep following the governments lie

  12. yes, it impairs the brain and damages your memory, you can´t deny that 😀 alsoit damages your lungs… i still smoke it but it´s just stupid to deny all negative healtch effects, especially if thei´re not very bad 😀

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