1. They want cash control not quality control, people have been experimenting with dosage of cannabis for years and no one has ever died. They have known since the 70's that it reduces tumours. It's pretty much been damage control ever since.

  2. People don't want psychoactive effect but they will accept chemotherapy and radiation effects, which are much more drastic!  Ugh, the puritans irk me!   You want a plant ally to save your ass but your not even willing to accept her as she is! 

  3. It is true guys canabbis is real cure for cancer i saw so many story with it and works !! i think in my country there was also people cured from the weed oil  CANABBIS OIL cure not smoking weed ! smoking only lesser the pain also there was a little child in america with tumor in the head and after 8 months no tumor !!!!!! find it in youtube and see the video ! also i think that pharma companys know that cure long ago but they shall only loose money if all are cured from this desease and … its a really big CONSPIRACY ! im 100% sure !

  4. Decarboxylation – When making cannabis oil for treating late stage cancer it is important to understand decarboxylation. Cannabis in raw/unheated form is primarily THCA, which converts to active THC through heat and time. While some very sl…ow and gradual decarboxylation does occur at temperatures as low as room temp during drying and curing stages of weed preparation it is not until higher heats are encountered that all THCA is converted to THC. If you are making cannabis oil you need to make sure the oil is cooked sufficiently to complete full decarb. Raw cannabis is very beneficial and cannabinoid acids like THCA, along with naturally present terpenes, are believed to be very beneficial with possible anti cancer properties. However, it is active THC, and CBD, that has the majority of clinical and anecdotal evidence supporting its cancer killing effects. So, based on what is currently known, cannabis oil that is most potent in THC content is likely going to be the most potent medicine for curing cancer.
    Raw cannabis in the form of juices and unheated oils are beneficial too and would make a great addition to someone's treatment, but should not replace cooked cannabis oil, and often require much larger quantities for therapeutic value. Raw or partially cooked oils will contain a wider range of components including cannabinoid acids and terpenes, which are lost when oils are fully cooked, but THC is the most essential cannabinoid for fighting cancer so make sure you decarb your medicine properly to maximise its potency.
    The Rick Simpson method only guarantees partial decarb from the rice cooker stage, and while full decarboxylation can be achieved with the use of a coffee warmer or candle warmer it can take some time to complete this process and other gentle heating devices may not be hot enough. Many of the solvents used have boiling points below the optimum temps for full and rapid decarb. If you do not have a coffee/candle warmer, of even if you do, it is recommended to put your oil in the oven at 110 degrees Celsius for about an hour (optimum temperature range is 110c to 130c/230F to 266F). Visible bubbling will cease when the solvent and water, along with volatile terpenes, are boiled off. But you will see very small pin prick explosions on the surface of the oil during decarboxylation. When this has ceased and there is no activity on the surface of the oil at temps of 110c or above, then you know that decarboxylation is complete. While you want to ensure that temperature does exceed 110 degrees Celsius for decarb, it is also advised to stay below 140 as temps above 140 can lead to a loss of THC through vaporisation or degradation to CBN.
    In an ideal world everyone would have access to both raw and cooked cannabis in a well controlled manner, but in this world where oil making can be expensive and risky it is best to make sure your medicine is as potent as it can be to maximise its potential.

  5. Big Pharma doesnt want Weed Legal because you cannot patent a PLANT. Look at all the bullshit they did with the FDA against Dr Burzynski in Texas and his Antineoplastons. He had his ANP's patented but they tied him up in court to steal his invention by issuing over 11 extended patents on his stuff he already had patented. the FDA, Elan Pharmaceuticals, NCI and the United States Government were all complicit in the theft of this mans life's work. if they cant stop the medicine man, then steal his medicine so they can put it on a shelf and continue with business as usual. these 2 of these together, the Antineoplastons and cannabis usage would more than likely halt stop and cure almost all strains of cancers.

  6. I can see if your American and desperate like most then I can see why people would believe cannabis cures cancer..But in reality the only thing cannabis does is relaxes you and gives you the munchies .

  7. every one is different this statement this sir did is true and not you need some cannabis that is high in cbd and you will be cancer free not every one is like you sir remember that shit fact

  8. I think your mother had problems with her heart long before she had chemo due to people go through life without getting checked out….If your mother was American I can see that because people use to avoid seeing a doctor because it's so expensive and by the time they do go in a lot of cases it's to late.

  9. First of all I'm Canadian and Canada treats cancer different then any other place in the world….in my case I never had side effects from the chemo I took I'll tell you that if I never took chemo I wouldn't be around today…What I was given was called the silver bullet a very expensive drug that workd that our government now pays for for us Canadians

  10. I have a good friend that had a pc of his pancreas cut out with cancer.His wife took him home and made smoothies for him for 5 years and his cancer isn't even in his body anymore.They gave him five years to live.There are numerous choices to treat cancer and it isn't all from doctors and hospitals either.I don't think you will ever do anything for yourself if you are thinking someone else ought to cure you.You ever heard of helping yourself for a change.

  11. Did the doctors get honest with you and tell you how long you could live before the side affects of chemo(mustard gas derivative)and radiation might help the cancers come back and how long before the side affects kill you like my mom.They told her it might take ten years before she had a reaction from the chemo and they were pretty darn close.One of the side affects is a heart attack and it killed her ten years later mr no it all

  12. Check out what Spain has found out before you go polar.It not only cures most cancers but the ingestion of the extract can prevent a person from ever getting ill in the first place.Japan has even said it cures most cancers,not all of them.If all a person ever does is smokes pot they won't get lung cancer.Smoking it is not going to do anything but give a person instant relief of pain and nausea,vomitting,lets you sleep,helps you to eat.

  13. Your statement is pure bullcrap…Up to two years ago when i dicided to quit i smoked everyday like all day and i got cancer twice..Its people like you who gives the wrong impression of the drug…

  14. on yt too much, idiot cannabis has been used medically for over a hundred years and that data that has been collected in hospitals for a hundred years, fuck knows how much longer it has been used for considering it grows from the ground.. look up a news report of cannabis being found dating back something stupid like 10,000 years…

  15. dont be ignorant, FACT, it does help to fight cancer maybe not cure it.. like anything can be fully cured when it comes down to terminal illness. the argument is why theyre not funding it to be used world wide, as it is cheaper easier and safer than nearly every human constructed substance for medical uses

  16. Come on man…Truth is the only proof you have is what you heard on youtube..And as sad is it may be there is people on youtube all the time trying to fool people into believing the strangest things…

  17. Come on man dont believe that..it may help with anxiety problems and helping one's appetite during cancer treatment but as far as being a cure no way..I truly believe the reason why people believe cannabis cures cance is because there on youtube to much…

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