1. Using a regular water distiller (instead of a Rice cooker) makes this job much safer in that all the fumes don't fill the air around the operator because they are kept withing the sealed distillation unit during the distillation process . The real bonus is that, during the distllation of the product you will collect up to 50 percent of the Isopropyl back again in the collection container that would usually be used for collecting the distilled water as it leaves the unit , and this re-collected Isopropyl can be reused in the next run and so on….saves money , and much safer for the operator. Remember that Isopropyl is not something that is good for your body , and that the initial distillation does not remove all traces of it after the initial distillation process is over.

  2. Posted this as a reply further down in the comments, but to save time and because the truth and message is important I repost it here for all to see and look for themselves, it could indeed save you or a loved one now or in the near future when they are given the news that cancer will end their life very very soon 🙁 I am a amatuer herbalist taught by a PHD in traditional asian herbal medicine, no one special but I do know this plant like the back of my hand from 2 decades of work and experiments with it so here it is for all interested, seek, question, experiment and you will reach the stars regardless of experience , our ancestors used primitive means to do the same thing that is being done in this video and labs world wide… so read, take notes and remember my words, it could save a life or 3 180-220F for the 3-4 hour process this is going to take will decarb all of the THCa and CBDa as well as any CBNa to decarb the acid off of all of them, sadly this way will destroy more than half of the terpenes if not more or all of them in the flower/plant matter used. But 150-180 over many hours will decarb all of it, sure at a certain temp the reaction occurs but at any temp above and around 150-220F over long periods of time will fully decarbox everything in the plant matter to give it the magic to be taken orally and work its magic. And a cool tip since you seem to be a science guy, THC will revert to the mother cannabinoid CBN during long decarbx sessions above 235F of 4-6plus hours I do not have the charts and graphs right in front of me to give exact heat and time to get max conversion but trust me it is worth checking out because each and every one of us will have to deal with the big C in ourselves or a loved one or friend in or life time, that sadly is a almost 100% certainty , CBN is not so well know in the united states as of present, it is found in hemp strains in the highest amounts in Southern France, this active has proven to kill cancer cells in human lung tissue on contact. makes you wonder what a isolate crystal of it injected would do for cancer in many organs as well as throughout the entire body, what would the patient have to lose?? not like the death sentence is going away by doing nothing, more research is needed on the mother cannabinoid CBN for this plant our species has viewed as sacred for so many thousands of years yields many secrets yet to be found, sure it is not a cure all but it has the power to do what no other medicine can do on contact, that is a gift from nature, from God, from whatever one chooses to believe in on this matter, no longer the demon we all were lied to it being. No drug is bad, only the people who misuse them, for anything is bad or deadly when overused or misused our people need to wake up to that fact and quit banning nature. We have become a species who once lived off the earth, today 80-85% of us live ON the earth instead of off it, this can and maybe will become our undoing if a horrible event was to come crashing down from the sky in a blink of an eye.

  3. Now remember People that boiling off the Alcohol is Very Explosive and will burn with invisible to the eye flames yes very scary but you can do it just go to every Lengths to protect you, your kids pets ETC I moved my rice cooker out side or in a well ventilated area , make sure the box fan or fans is Sealed and does not have a spark, i also use a face shield after being splashed with hot oil not fun. I have been treating skin cancer with good results. God Bless you and yours Aloha Capt Ben

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