1. This Jadam Liquid Fertilizer (JLF) with added sugars for biological breeding purposes.

    Skip the molasses and whatever biologicals in a bottle he added and add some healthy mycelium from a forest or fertile land near you.

    This is totally a "buy my bottle gimmick"

  2. Thats really cool and easy! I heard Mook talking about using a ferment from leaves and was wondering how to make some. Thanks man!
    How long does it store? And do you strain & jar it for storage or leave as is in bucket?

  3. I was like yea finally someone just wanting to tell us a good diy way to get rid of your waste and how to make bio nutrients. Then that’s when he said and 1000 ML’s of my mix that I sell. Now don’t get me wrong I appreciate that he shows us how to use his product. I just wish he would have said you can leave it out but it take 2x longer or you can use x but it does not do x. Or have the title saying how to use my x to make bio nutrients. That way I know going in and not to find out personally while listening to the instructions. Please consider my comment as just an opinion. Not saying it right or wrong. Just what came to mind. I personally wish I could use it!! I am one of those bottle feed boi’s. I would like to know Two things? Could I after I clip my clones, dip the entire clone in this water then cut my angle on the end and my rooting hormone and in my cloner? Would that one be good for the clone? And then how long could this last in say a 1/2 gallon mason jar? In the fridge to then take out let it warm up to room temp and dip clones in it and ect? I am thinking it will not last as long as I am thinking.

  4. I take my fresh trimming from a defol, put it in my blender, add a tablespoon of kelp, half teaspoon of molasses, some water and make a smoothie for my worms. They love it as much as an avocado or cantaloupe! All that media the worms are in will eventually go to growing canna!

  5. This is why I watch FCP , showing and sharing the cannabis knowledge, for me this what I do,
    This is what I call a muck bucket,,,, this is a first step in creating a super soil, for large commercial indoor, making segment tank with aeration system , the soil bought at stores are most likely to be already infested with pest and eggs,, adding this to the cannabis waste to,,, the soil is controlled and pest free,,,,, for the 5 gallon bucket add a fish air bubbler, keep lid off, after three days this going to smell really bad sewage smells. At this point in fermentation, the bacteria is alive and hungry. This when you want to put in a mix of one's choice fertilizer, I tried blood bone Epsom salt liquid fish worm casting, the bacteria has the ability to digest the ingredients mix. There should be a tan to white mucus like film on top ,building up, time to time stir up bucket, the smell should cut down a little after 8 to 10 days. After that, I just pour out the bucket,,, thin it out to let finish air drying.

  6. You don’t need to add that much of the product this guy is trying to sell. You could get away with using a quarter of that much and not keep buying some overpriced gimmick that KNF growers have been using for a long time. You only need to inoculate the slurry being made, not drop in a whole bottle of costly nutes. Big Mike from Advanced would be proud if your pitch👎🏻

  7. Brilliant! Probly smells like cleaning a gutter out but brilliant none the less. Great idea for keeping overhead down on a large operation. I do something similar with my outdoor mulching with grass clippings and no gutter smell.

  8. uline for the sealable 5 gallon bucket lids. I highly recommend you do not use them for curing weed with these buckets, use glass always. Corporate experience, so big i cannot name them but the name might rhyme with Native Yoots

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