Louie XIII OG, Og Ice & 5th Element – harvesting LARGE medical marijuana plants

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  1. We love all your videos. Starting.. growing..harvest there all absolutely beautiful and informative please never take down your channel. Keep on keeping on brother. Happy 420 from the Blue Ridge Mountain Boys. We grow mostly Indica here in the mountains. Ours have to finish September or early October. Can you raise a strain Northern Lights or Afghan ?? We'd love to hear what you think about these..Much Love from me and the boys..

  2. Louie looks sooooooo Sweet! AWESOME 😎 colors gorgeous, beautiful 🌱. Iceblooks Sweet too, darn you have some sweet 🌱 porn! lol 😄 All 3 look fire, so wished I lived in Colorado! Cheers ✌️ Growmie

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