Lords of Acid – Marijuana in Your Brain (Voodoo-U album)

The Eighth song in the Voodoo U album that came out in 1994. I had to put up the cencered album cover for obvious reasons. This song’s ok, it’s mostly a …


  1. Deep memories here. Being 25, delivering furniture, me and Jason driving Truck 8 because we were the senior team and Truck 8 was the only truck with a Tape Deck. Listening to this album over and over between tickets. Damn those were good days…half a lifetime ago.

  2. So, like, where did the civilization in The Matrix get their fresh water? During that rave scene in Matrix Reloaded, that looked like a lot a people. That had to be a rather large aquifer that needed to be replenished frequently.

  3. So many great memories are being picked up at high school by my older brother my other brother in our friends used to ride around his van and jam to this song. He had a badass stereo system hooked up to it in the sand would be blaring in the bass was super intense

  4. sometimes it's the only comfort i have to picture them with their tiny pricked little whoops she traded him for a meat head who can't make up for the fact that his real thickness is choking his already struggling lalala FucK loll

  5. marijhuana in your brain takes longer to ejaculate? I never found that to be true… I found it to be the same or easier and it caused me to more frequently…

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