'Life-saving' cannabis oil for 12-year-old Billy Caldwell seized at Heathrow

Charlotte Caldwell flew into the UK with a consignment of the oil which she insists helps her 12-year-old son Billy cope with his condition. British customs officers …


  1. What they don't tell you is that it was made illegal in the first place because Harry anslinger was given the title in the treasury department as "commissioner of narcotics" after alcohol prohibition ended and that department was shrinking. His solution to get it booming again was to go after cannabis because black immigrants were smoking it when they came to america. There are many quotes from him such as "The primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races."

    The war in drugs is racially motivated and NOBODY is talking about it. We are all living down the barrel of that mans gun today.

  2. Canabis has health benefits…yeah like acute paranoia. ..becoming and sounding brain dead after smoking too much…oh and throw in a bit of lung/ mouth cancer as well….unless its for medicinal purposes I would suggest the weak feeble minded users of canabus would be better off manning up a bit and dealing with their lives without drug induced toxication….and they stink like shit just to add to their allure.

  3. Im sorry i feel for this kid but thats not the only kid with the problem, its basically, not fair, why cant everyone else with the exact same problem yet only select few are aloud it legalised… If the uk government dont legalise it for all us who suffer then i am actually going to do some dangerous shit…😠😠😠😠😠

  4. From arresting people reporting on rape gangs, to taking away vital medication for disabled kids …WTF is the Home Office doing? These political robots have no comprehensions of, nor connection with human life within the realms of reality what so ever.

  5. This is heartbreaking …. this boy doesn’t deserve to suffer 🙁
    Don’t know if anyone relevant reads this but from what I understand, a high fat diet so our body’s burn ketones instead of carbs is meant to be a great way to help treat epilepsy also.

  6. I have uncontrolled epilepsy myself since I was 13 I am now 39 , I felt and still feel like they use me as a experiment, they haven’t worked the brain out and we are all individuals in our own right & there should be more support for people and families who deal with epilepsy it’s not a comfortable experience . You & you’re son are amazing, bringing attention to it more for right reasons x

  7. Dealers apparently sell coccaine on street corners in broad daylight all over the UK and nothing is done about it but a tiny amount of cannabis oil which would save a monumental amount of suffering is clamped down on. This stinking attitude from the authorities proves that we're living in a nuthouse. Its a disgrace.

  8. Health has been totally hijacked by big pharma and their toxic poisons. CBD oil cures many things, but it can't be patented because its natural. Its a corrupt system…

  9. Nobody should be forced to have to make cannabis oil themselves or fly to America, Canada, Amsterdam etc. I have written emails to my MP, Jeremy Corbyn, and Theresa May only last week and still haven't had a reply! What are they afraid of? It must be down to big money made by pharmaceuticals me thinks! I suggest everyone watches Rick Simpson on You Tube and buy his book/Kindle audio book from Amazon or from his web site. It may not be a panacea but will cure so many diseases and help epilepsy sufferers too. Keep on to the government and sign as many petitions as you possibly can! Charlotte Caldwell my heart goes out to you!

  10. It's a fucking disgrace. This kid needs his oil, it is completely different from the THC what gets you high. I'm sure he'd be allowed it if it was coming from glaxo-smithkline. But big pharma isn't profiting from his illness so the government bitches will just let him suffer. Shame on them!!!

  11. Whoa. BOgus stuff… just posted a comment – I thought it was very pertinent – did NOT say anything intimidating or otherwise.. wished everyone Good LUCK.. and you delete the damned thing?
    I HATE U TUBERS. They're nuts

  12. Heathrow needs to do same as Canada. With valid prescription, up to date paperwork and the medication under a certain amount, they are now allowing medical marijuana onboard the planes. Not sure if this applies to all international flight or only national flight. But our airports made a judgment call when it come to life saving medication. All who have proper documentation, will be allowed to keep their prescription. It's more than common sense.

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