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  1. I have so many things I could say but I'll just ask – why don't I see LP's advertising for people with experience as opposed to bachelor and master's degrees? That's one way to integrate the "community" into the new system. Another would have been to repeal, and have a system that includes ALL and is responsible and created its own regulations with the understanding in mind, as Bob said (and he is correct) that the majority in Canada have conservative values – they don't want their kids being "stoners" any more than they want their kids to be alcoholics or opiod addicts.

    Also, its my personal belief that it's wrong for anyone to make a single dime from selling legal weed while others (who CREATED the market that the LP's and, worse, their shareholders are now profiting from), continue to be incarcerated or excluded because of their prior criminal records. It's actually only the wholesalers of cannabis, who use mules, who are real "criminals".

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