Law enforcement on alert for impaired drivers with marijuana legalization in Illinois

Law enforcement in Illinois is now on high alert for impaired drivers who could be using marijuana behind the wheel.


  1. it is time to reeducate the law enforcement officers if they believe what is said in this video…drunk drivers get sent to classes why not send our most valuable employees…
    ….. A 2002 review of seven separate studies involving 7,934 drivers reported, “Crash culpability studies have failed to demonstrate that drivers with cannabinoids in the blood are significantly more likely than drug-free drivers to be culpable in road crashes.” This result is likely because subject under the influence of marijuana are aware of their impairment and compensate for it accordingly, such as by slowing down and by focusing their attention when they know a response will be required. This reaction is just the opposite of that exhibited by drivers under the influence of alcohol, who tend to drive in a more risky manner proportional to their intoxication. the reference is here:
    older people do not drive as well as perhaps their younger self…so by this reasoning all older drivers should be hauled in and have every right and freedom they have ever had violated too…If you are impaired your driving will suck…if the cop is honest he doesn't need to bleed you to know….if the goal is not safety of the driving enviroment then what is the goal? revenue gathering…job security…has someone not educated these so called law enforcement agents as to who they work for?….is it bad education…protect US…we are not your slaves…go stop a drunk…there's still plenty of them….
    and you know that would mean an open container of pot would also be null and void…a non crime…someone needs to hire more qualified people…after all being unqualified is a problem…
    … the possibilty of accidents occurring for whatever reason is understood by all who get on the roadway…the road would be 100 percent safe if no one is allowed to drive…I suspect this would not be an acceptable solution… so safety rates high but cannot be the total goal…old people relax….
    …people instead of having your government waste 1000's of dollars on ridiculous equipment that will not make your streets any safer…send the blue employees to school so they quit doing what they have always done….a much better use of your money…

    ps…mr news guy…get informed before spouting your hopefully unintentional bullshit….the president is probably right about you…
    i want to be safe on the road and i don't want to be harassed going home with my legal gd pot…

  2. It's a sure bet that they are scrambling to devise a roadside apparatus to detect marijuana indulgence of a motorist. Most likely this device will have easily triggered sensors that indicate usage.

  3. Hopefully more people are arrested, everyday cars pass bye reeking of marijuana. Its always the vehicles that dont follow traffic laws. I'm all for the use of cannabis & I definitely believe it should stay in home.

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